Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trump to Romney: "Your Pool Water is Not 'Fine' for Me."

Reporting from Trump Headquarters, Official Trump Spokespuppy, "Dollar" Trump.

Hi, I'm Dollar,

"Dollar," Official Trump Spokespuppy
Donald Trump loves dogs. In fact, he had me specially made by a secret scientist with his own DNA. Yesterday a reporter asked Mitt Romney what he thought about my owner running for president. Romney said "the water's fine - come on in."

Well, my owner was grossed out by that. He doesn't think the water Mitt Romney swims in is fine at all. He said we swim in a different pool than Mitt Romney. A pool Mitt Romney can't get to because he doesn't have enough money. Our pool is gold. It is filled with chrystal clear, 100% pure, 2.5 million-year-old glacial melt-water we have flown in twice a week.

It is a very nice pool. Today we invited several other Republican billionaires to swim in it with us. I have my own towell.


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