Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Dog PAC(k) Member: LilBro

LilBro, Dog PAC(k) Member
LilBro wanted to join my PAC(k) so his owner sent me this great picture. LilBro looks like he lives with people who love him, unlike Mitt Romney's poor dog Seamus. LilBro says he wants Dogs Against Romney to know he appreciates the exposure of Romney's ugliness to his dog, and asks "How could anyone vote for someone so cruel?"

Thank you, LilBro. Together, we'll bite meanie Mitt in his wrinkled, old-man butt!



Anonymous said...

that's right! on the couch! probably watchin' a little TV ... oh he's asleep must be the news or a political speech on the telly LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Shame on romney