Friday, June 10, 2011

You're a Small Man, Mitt Romney.

"A man's soul can be judged by
how he treats his dog."
-Charles F. Doran

Pictured: Binky, Dog PAC(k) Member

VIDEO: Romney Defends Abusing His Dog (and Laughs).

He thinks it's funny to put his dog on the roof, go 70 miles-per-hour and not let him pee or poop for 12 hours until he finally had to go all over himself in his kennel. And he thinks it's OK to put dogs in danger.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Dog PAC(k) Member: LilBro

LilBro, Dog PAC(k) Member
LilBro wanted to join my PAC(k) so his owner sent me this great picture. LilBro looks like he lives with people who love him, unlike Mitt Romney's poor dog Seamus. LilBro says he wants Dogs Against Romney to know he appreciates the exposure of Romney's ugliness to his dog, and asks "How could anyone vote for someone so cruel?"

Thank you, LilBro. Together, we'll bite meanie Mitt in his wrinkled, old-man butt!


New Dog PAC(k) Member: Billie

Billie, Dog PAC(k) Member
This has to be the most artistic doggie pic ever submitted to Dogs Against Romney. This is Billie, who wants to help stop that mean old Mitt Romney from being president. Thank you to Billie's owners for helping him to join my PAC(k)!


Monday, June 6, 2011

New Dog PAC(K) Member: Butch

Butch, Dog PAC(k) Member
Butch isn't afraid of anything. He wants to help me stop Mitt Romney from being president because he is mean to dogs. Butch's mummy said he is naughty sometimes, but so am I so we will get along fine. Lets go dig up Mitt Romney's flowers now.


New Dog PAC(k) Members: Carl & Jake

Carl & Jake, Dog PAC(k) Members
Carl and Jake's owner uploaded this picture to my Facebook page because they want join my PAC(k) and help me pee on meanie Mitt Romney's campaign. He is mean to dogs and should NEVER be president. Carl and Jake are "pulling" for somebody to be president - but its not Mitt Romney!


New Dog PAC(k) Member: Scruffy

Scruffy, Dog PAC(k) Member
This is Scruffy. He wants to help me stop meanie Mitt Romney from being president. Scruffy's owner said that when she asked him if he wanted to join my Pac(k) he said "WOOF!"