Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Dog PAC(k) Member: Chester

Chester, Dog PAC(k) Member
This is Chester. I don't think I have to tell you how he feels about Mitt Romney. Welcome to the PAC(k) Chester!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Dog PAC(k) Members: Lucy and Pirate

Lucy and Pirate, Dog PAC(k) Members
"Lucy and Pirate hate being woken up from their naps. But they hate Mitt Romney even more for being cruel to dogs." That is what their owner helped them type on my Facebook wall. Well, I agree Lucy and Pirate. Mitt Romney does not deserve to be president.



New Dog PAC(k) Member: Lucy

Lucy, Dog PAC(k) Member
I got this message from this doggie's owner this morning: "My Rat Terrier, Lucy, got really snarky when she heard about what a jerk Mitt Romney is. NO WAY is she voting for him!"

Thank you for joining my PAC(k), Lucy. Let's go dig up meanie Mitt's fancy imported rose bushes!



New Dog PAC(k) Member: Jimmy

Jimmy, Dog PAC(k) Member
Jimmy does not want Mitt Romney to be president. Mitt Romney is mean to dogs and we are going to stop him together. I like your hat, Jimmy.


New Dog PAC(k) Member: Mihoshi

Mihoshi, Dog PAC(k) Member
This is Mihoshi. Mihoshi "would be glad to bite [Romney's] ankles, rip up his expensive socks and pee on his professionally tailored hems."


New Dog PAC(k) Member: William

William, Dog PAC(k) Member
This is William. He looks really happy because he gets to ride IN the truck, "not strapped on top for 12 hours! Grrrr Romney!"

I agree. Let's poop in his yard!


New Dog PAC(k) Member: Pebbles

Pebbles, Dog PAC(k) Member
Pebbles says, JUST SAY NO TO ROMNEY! Thank you for joining my PAC(k), Pebbles. Let's stop meanie Mitt Romney from being president. He is mean to dogs.



New Dog PAC(k) Member: Fergie

Fergie, Dog PAC(k) Member
Another cat wants to join us this morning. This is Fergie. Welcome to our PAC(k)! Let's get Mitt Romney together! Cat's can growl too. I've heard you. It's realllllly scary.



New Dog PAC(k) Member: Ewok the Cajun Kitty

Ewok The Cajun Kitty, Dog PAC(k) Member
We sometimes get cats who want to help me stop Mitt Romney, too. We welcome cats here (and even a bird!). If Mitt Romney could be so mean to his poor dog Seamus, he would be mean to cats, too. This cat has a weird name, but we like him. Meet Ewok the Cajun Kitty, who says "I support your cause and lend my claws and spent kitty litter to your arsenal against pretty boy Mitt."


New Dog PAC(k) Member: Penny

Penny, Dog PAC(k) Member
This is Penny. Penny's owner helped her join my PAC(k) to stop that mean old Mitt from ever being president. Penny's owner said she would never vote for Romney. "She enjoys riding on the inside of a car not strapped to the roof. If given a chance....she would bite Mitt's bigtoe!"

Me too, Penny. Let's get him!



New Dog PAC(k) Member: Joey

Joey, Dog PAC(k) Member
Welcome Joey, one of our newest Dog PAC(k) members who wants to help me stop meanie Mitt Romney. Joey's owner said he "is talking to all of his cat and dog friends about this. (Joey has many friends in the cat world who know that anyone who treats a dog this way will treat a cat with callous disregard as well.)"