Sunday, April 1, 2012

Columnist: Romney's Care of Dog May Attest to His Character

Susan Estrich, a nationally syndicated columnist, published a column today titled "Romney's Care of Dog May Attest to His Character." In her column, Estrich nails exactly the point we are trying to make at Dogs Against Romney. 
"Presidential elections are, in a very fundamental way, tests of character," Estrich wrote. "You can’t predict all the issues or crises that will face the person you elect president, which means that character, ultimately, counts for more than position papers and platforms. And in my book, as a dog lover, nothing tells you as much about a person’s character as how they treat their dog."
 We at Dogs Against Romney could not agree more. We feel that Mitt Romney's decision to transport his dog on top of his car for hours, not to mention his decision to leave poor Seamus up there for hours more after he became sick, is evidence of a degree of coldness and emotional detachment that is difficult for most people to comprehend. We believe that, at the very least, every American should have the opportunity to know about Mitt Romney's treatment of his dog, and to decide for themselves what it says about his character and fitness for the presidency of the United States of America.
Estrich seems to agree with us saying, "I’m not a Romney voter, so maybe it doesn’t matter. But I don’t think I’m alone in this. Before I decide what I think about this man’s character, I need to know more about that trip — and that dog."
Ms. Estrich, I invite you to read this blog. Visit my pack of more than 11,000 members on Facebook. We'll share with you what we think it says about Romney's character.



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