Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dogs Against Romney: Mitt "Attacked" by Dog Pack in South Carolina

Image from Wall Street Journal Washington Wire

Members of our pack "attacked" Mitt Romney outside a forum he was attending in South Carolina this morning. Here's the write up in the Wall Street Journal blog.





Duke the Blue Nose Pit said...

way to go Rusty!


Anonymous said...

How childish of you dog kooks. So WHAT about the dog. Romney eats meat, are you mad at him for that too? All those poor helpless chickens and cattle, killed for meat. BTW, Obama at dog meat when he lived in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

That the State of MA has outlawed what Mitt did as abuse is bad enough, but the fact that he pulled over because the dog was sick and diarrhea was dripping down the windows and hosed the car and dog down and kept driving! If anyone treated my dog that way they'd be in very serious trouble. What a jerk.