Friday, May 4, 2012

Dogs Aren't Luggage

Mitt Romney admits to transporting Seamus, his family's Irish Setter, on the roof of his car for very long trips, at Interstate highway speeds (at least once for 12 hours). Romney also admits to leaving Seamus on the roof of the car after the dog became sick, stopping only to hose Seamus down after he soiled himself in his crate atop the car - and then continuing the trip.

Think about it - a loving, loyal member of the Romney family, strapped dangerously atop the car, lonely, wind-whipped, uncomfortable, sick and now wet. We believe this is wrong - and a clear indication that Mitt Romney possesses a degree of detached coldness not easily comprehended by families who love their pets. 

Dogs aren't luggage.

Join the pack.


Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Sic 'im, Rusty!

Anonymous said...

Romney is an elitest with no connection to the average person!
He showed no concern for this "family pet", He'll show less to joe average and family.
I'm going to change parties to neuter him with my vote on "Super Tuesday. jouin me to muzzel Mitt.

p.s Do you this the dog's cage was on the roof of one of his Mrs. two Cadillac's?

pharmacy 1 said...

thnx for this dog i like dogs

Suze said...

Well said!!

When I was a kid, my family camped every summer. The tents and the luggage were tied to the roof rack, the food and "kitcheny" items went in the trunk, the kids and the dog sat in the back seat.

Detached coldness. Fits ole Willard well.