Thursday, January 12, 2012

Howling Mad at Mitt Romney

Join the pack.


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Anonymous said...

this should be on the front page of every newspaper because it's nothing more than animal cruelty. Anyone else would have probably gone to jail or fined.. Anyone who treats an animal like this has no business running for anything/

Lynne said...

So the obvious question is...Why didn't Romney fill the dog crate with some of that luggage that was crammed into the car and strap all that to the roof? Seamus could have ridden inside with the family who "loves" him. Heartless lying Bastard!

Anonymous said...

Romney campaign blocking internet sites!
Since the story went national yesterday, various websites are going down, crashing, being jammed or otherwise unable to load. No, its not a problem with your personal computer. Its big money trying to squelch the news!

Anonymous said...

You people are idiots! Obama can't run this country and you people are worried about dogs. I love dogs but it has NOTHING to do with who will be President of the USA.

Get a life you idiots!

Shan Dalamani said...

Torturing animals (and this WAS torture for poor Seamus) is often the gateway to abuse and torture of humans. Romney's comments about his dog show that he is CLUELESS about how to care for a dog and what it means when a dog keeps running away. He is CLUELESS that a dog is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling, sentient being who feels pain and fear and anger. It's too bad that when Seamus couldn't hold his bowels any longer on that trip, that he didn't loosen them on ROMNEY. But then Romney probably would have beaten him instead of just hosing him down and putting him back in his prison.

Romney didn't want a family pet. He wanted a TROPHY DOG. And like all politicians who have trophies (whether girlfriends, wives, children, pets), he considers them as mere property and disposable.

JK said...

Dear 'Get a life you idiots,'

You need to do some book learnin'. Start here:

Animal Welfare Act

Massachusetts Legal Code

A statutorily responsible person

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with Obama? The pups have a right to voice their objection to Romney.