Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mitt Romney and How Not to Transport a Dog

Special thanks to The State Journal-Register of Springfield, IL for publishing this great article titled "Mitt Romney and how not to transport a dog." Written by Linda Fraembs, the article says, in part:
 "Mitt Romney is leading the pack in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. That means that if you haven't hear about him already, you'll be learning about Seamus the Irish Setter."
Indeed you will. My pack will make sure of it.



JGEmrys said...

I am a dog lover but I'm also a human that could NEVER ALLOW something like this to occur. What was the owner of the CARWASH THINKING to let him get away with this & NOT CALL ANIMAL CRUIELTY or the LOCAL SHERRIFF to STOP THIS JERK?
I don't care if it was the PRESIDENT, who WOULDNT do a thing like this in the first place, but HOW is it possible that no one stopped them from doing this to a poor dog. And with the DOG WET, he then GOT BACK ON THE ROAD????

Vincent Wright said...

I hope, I hope, I HOPE there's some brilliant young mind that can tie YOUR campaign in with VW's new canine-centric campaign centralized around STAR WARS! :-)

SEE: A canine chorus barks a familiar tune. Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial—it will all make sense. Love Star Wars and Volkswagen? Create an Intergalactic Invite to your Big Game party here:

wayne said...

When I was a kid (50 years ago), every summer my parents would take my brother and I along with a friend for each of us and a (coincidentally) large Irish setter on an 8 or 9 hour trip from CT to Vt. Kids and dog rode in the "wayback" and luggage rode on top. The was never a question that the dog would ride inside.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, your parents were good, decent, sane people--unlike a certain sociopath presently running for president.