Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mitt Romney: "Callous, Oblivious, Cruel, or Just a Pinhead?"

I've never met the political cartoonist who drew this, but he seem's like the kind of human I'd like (*wag* *wag*). His name is Clay Jones and, even more than what he draws, I like what he writes about it on his blog.

After recapping the story about how Mitt Romney strapped his poor dog to the roof of his car and drove to Canada for 12 hours, and then hosed the poor dog down and left him up there for hours more after he became sick and pooped himself, Clay said:

"I'm not sure [if] Mitt Romney is callous, oblivious, cruel, or just a pinhead. At any rate, it's animal cruelty. ... I can't vote for someone who would torture his dog. It would be like voting for Michael Vick."

We at Dogs Against Romney could not agree more. We think every American needs to have the opportunity to hear this story and decide for themselves whether Mitt Romney is "callous, oblivious, cruel, or just a pinhead."

In conclusion to his blog, Clay added one final thought:

"... and dude release your tax returns. We already know you're filthy rich and have nothing in common with the average middle class worker, unless that average middle class worker is a dog torturer."

I hope you'll follow Clay Jones on his Twitter and Facebook, because he agrees with us.



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