Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mitt Romney's "Crate-Gate"

By now, hundreds of thousands of people have heard the troubling - and evolving - story about how Mitt Romney transported his dog on the roof of their station wagon - and how, on at least one 12-hour trip, the poor dog showed its fear and displeasure. Soon, millions of Americans and people the world over will hear about it - and it will be forever known as "crate-gate."




Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this. Sometimes late at night my people see me dreaming, they think I am chasing rabbits and getting excited.
I'm excited alright, but it's Mitt Romney I am chasing.
I PROTECT my people, only showing aggression when provoked or threatened. Mitt Romney just sends off that vibe that brings the Blue Nose in me out.
Great Blog Rusty! It is nice to see some common k-9 sense on the web.

The Blue Nose Pit

Anonymous said...

In our world, Romney is the same as Bin Laden in your world. Both are infamous for their horrendous acts against their own kind. As a 7 year old Lab, I'd like to see him thrown into the ocean wearing cement shoes. It's not as if I don't like water, I love water and water is good, but out of an act of kindness. That way he could join with Bin Laden and all the other cruel people, so they have someone in common to talk with and chase squirrels. Squirrels, you know, there those pesky creatures who that are forever taunting us. I almost caught one once, but when I got to him I didn't know what to do next.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy!


Anonymous said...

buzzfeed has a great children's story about romney's dog, it's great.

Anonymous said...

That Romny guy is bad, if I could catch him I would give him a bite or two, but that would land me in the dog house. I cannot bite people , would lose treats, and mom would be mad. No more long walks , or fresh soup bones, but that Romny guy, someone should strap him on a car roof and drive 60 miles per hour for 12 hours and see if he likes it.

Cold , mean, I met a man like that before, he came into our house by crawling through a side window, I knew he was not good, I chased him out, Mom told me good boy.

Tobias the boarder collie