Monday, April 9, 2012

Political Writer Lanny Davis: Romney Abused Dog, "Shouldn't be President"

Political writer Lanny Davis wrote on The Hill today that its his opinion that “if [the dog-on-roof] story gets out and stays out, there will be tens of millions of Google hits by next October. And I am also thinking that Romney is going to lose a lot of dog-lover votes on this issue alone, regardless of party or ideology."

Davis also said, "I think anyone who puts his dog in a cage on top of a car for a 12-hour drive and then deludes himself or tries to delude others that the dog really enjoyed it — to me, with all due respect, I feel such a man shouldn’t be president of the United States.”

To you, Lanny, we say WOOF!



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Anonymous said...

Romney's latest rebuttal included the words "It was an air tight box." Um, wouldn't that be even worse?

Anonymous said...

hahaha true that! We have four dogs and a small car. And it NEVER occurred to us to put our babies ON THE FRICKING ROOF driving 80 miles an hour ACROSS COUNTRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the fine print in Mr Davis' article:

"Was the dog distressed? Was it illegal under Massachusetts law as cruelty? There is some evidence that both are true."

The operative word here is "some."

As in some people will believe anything.

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Anonymous said...

How dare you Romney this guy writes political stuff and knows that you are unfit to be president! If dogs had opposable thumbs and could go vote without being distracted by their favorite chew toy or chasing their tail they wouldnt be voting for you. Most likely we would have a giant piece of bacon as president and I would be fine with it!