Friday, September 28, 2012

ABC News: Romney Dog Story Becoming a Major Deal

Check out this great video showing ABC News' Diane Sawyer, Jake Tapper, and Jon Karl discussing the power the story of Mitt Romney's dog abuse has begun to take on in this election cycle.

"Top democrats think this story is potentially damaging to Romney," Tapper says. Diane Sawyer seems to marvel at the thought, asking "Have you ever seen anything like this? How is he (Romney) going to handle this? What's he going to do?"



Anonymous said...

"We haven't heard Governor Romney talk about this really"

Other than that interview with Wallace which is pretty damning.

Bandit said...

Hi Rusty, this is Bandit. I am now a Dog Against Romney and I told all of my friends on my blog:

Your pal,

Anonymous said...

Hey Rusty,
If it's possible, it might be a good idea to have a contact link so we can let you know about new mentions. Last night, 2/20, on the Lawrence O'Donnell Show, Gail Collins was appeared and was talking about Romney and crate-gate.

gaston said...

hello jake, the story is not silly or stupid, odd that you are editorializing in that way...'some people might think...' etc etc etc. best not to say anything. the actions speak for themselves. didn't you learn this in journalism 101?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Diane Sawyer DOESN'T know everything as the first gentlemen stated, as Romney DID admit he did it and wouldn't do it again, not because its animal abuse, but because of all the negative concerns of so many people, in other words, it wasn't popular to do, just like all his other positions, to go with the flow and change midstream if more popular with his supporters/donors.