Thursday, March 8, 2012

BREAKING: Police Stop Dogs Against Romney Protester for Having Dog Crate on Car Roof

This image says it all. A Dogs Against Romney Pack Member was stopped by the Littleton, Colorado police yesterday for having a dog crate on the roof of his car. The Pack Member , identified only as "Oredigger," was on his way to protest at a Mitt Romney event yesterday with the crate atop his car carrying a stuffed toy dog when the police officer, believing he was actually transporting a live dog on the roof of his car, stopped him. Says Oredigger, "I was pulled over for suspected animal abuse."

UPDATE: According to Huffington Post, " a spokeswoman for the City of Littleton confirmed the traffic stop happened because of canine concerns. 'Our 911 center received a call from a motorist who saw the car in the photo drive past...,'" the spokeswoman said.

"We respect anyone's right to support or oppose anyone's candidate," the spokesperson continued, "but when you pull a stunt like that and lead passerby to think there's a live animal in there, it's probably taking it too far."

Mitt Romney has admitted he transported a live animal on the roof of his car.

This clearly illustrates how blatantly awful,  incredibly dangerous,  outrageously insensitive - and even illegal - Mitt Romney's decision to transport his own dog on the roof of his car was. 

Mitt is mean - and unqualified to be president.

Join our pack.


Mark Shaw said...

So was a citation issued?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a real dog, so I assume no citation was issued.

Duffy's Pals said...

Great post, Rusty. Crate-Gate definitely needs more mainstream mass-media treatment, to emphasize how sickened the populace as a whole is with Mitt'e behavior. Like what David Letterman's been doing.

In fact, do you know if SNL has any skits in the work on this, something along the lines of "Vacationing with the Romneys?" There's nothing at all funny about Mitt Romney's reprehensible cruelty and stupidity toward Seamus (which he still seems clueless to understand), but his behavior is richly deserving of the sort of derisive, mocking humor that the SNL people do so well. If SNL hasn't already put up first dibs for this kind of skit, then my comedian friend is chomping at the bit to lay claim to it- he's a hard-core conservative Republican of all things (still working on him with that), but also a dog-lover and despises Mitt with a passion over Crate-Gate.

Or similar to the SNL skit, what about a viral video (or maybe a vid or skit competition submission) that in some way plays off that wonderful Volkswagen Superbowl commercial with the dog training to lose weight? VW's ad has gold potential for all kinds of applications, including a contrasting and well-deserved mocking of Mitt's coddled, haughty and outrageously cruel preppy-rich boy behavior in comparison.

Our little Duffy here agrees. (Well, OK, Duffy's not-so-little anymore.) And BTW, Duffy always rides inside! *wag wag*

Anonymous said...

I am very happy that the police in his/her community stopped the car. Since first hearing the story, one question I had was why Romney was not stopped during a 12 hour drive.

All I know is that, though I am in my 60s and have driven relatively long distances to vacations, I have NEVER seen a dog on the roof of a car. I am pretty sure, that as a passenger, I would have called the police - and know that my three kids would have demanded that I do that.

What is really troubling is that he spoke of having his 5 kids and all the luggage in the car. One would think that luggage for 7 could have been put on the roof in a carrier - and the dog put in the car. There are even Doggie seat belts. Most station wagons had 8 or 9 seats back then.

What is weird is the effort that it had to have taken to get the dog on the roof versus doing what every other person would have done.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have wondered why no one stopped Romney during that drive. It's very sad to think people would be unwilling to speak up when confronted with such cruelty.

I'm also wondering if the blogger(s) who do this site have seen this -- you should do a post about it!!/davidaxelrod/statuses/164083085799981057

Anonymous said...

I live in Littleton, and am proud of my local police for acting properly.

I'm frankly amazed that Romney was able to drive 12 hours - and even pull over the car to hose down the crate with the terrified dog in it! - without being pulled over by the authorities.

Sparky's Mom said...

I think it needs to be pointed out that he likely did not just drive to Canada with Seamus on the roof of the car. Unless Seamus ran away in Canada, which is not what Ann Romney has said, then Romney probably drove home from the vacation with Seamus on the roof. That means Seamus rode up there for 24 HOURS, not 12, as accounts like to highlight.

Romney defends putting Seamus on the roof, so there's no reason to think he'd have done differently, and they would have had the same problem with luggage and kids on the way back that they had on the way there.

Note also that Romney has said, "He scrambled up there every time we went on trips,” which means they abused Seamus like this regularly!

I concur with the commenter who said in all their travelers they've never seen a dog strapped to the roof of someone's vehicle. Neither have I. Something has to be wrong with a guy that would do that to a dog.

Anonymous said...

Definitely something wrong with anyone who would drive with a dog in a crate outside the vehicle. In addition to Romney's insensitivity to to poor people, his treatment of the family dog is reprehensible.

Viktor said...

The logistics of this cruelty!

Show me how you treat your dog and I will tell you what kind of person you are...

Anonymous said...

Hello dog lovers,
There is no much more to say other than Mit doesn't even deserve to be in a dog house much less the White house.
Save your vote for a dog lover!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone with the software and better computer skills than me should Photoshop a picture with a dog crate strapped to the outside top of Air Force 1 and caption it something like "Romney taking his dog for a ride on Air Force 1"

Dustin said...

the worst thing is that this is just based off of the tv interview, the worst comes out in the original printed report of the incident, seamus actually got very sick on this trip, and the family had to pull over at a service station (remember those?) and hosed the dog off, then he placed the dog back on the car to continue the trip

Carol overland said...

10+ years in a truck, and 40 years driving, and I can't recall ever seeing a dog crate on the roof. Ever.