Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Mitt Romney Dog on Car Roof Story: An Introduction

Rusty, Founder of Dogs Against Romney
I have had many requests for a catch-all place for newbies to our cause to get caught up on the back-story behind Mitt Romney's cruelty toward the Romney family dog. Anyone who Google's "Mitt Romney dog" will find literally thousands of articles about it, but here I have collected some of what I consider to be the most succinct. Read these stories if you are new to Dogs Against Romney or, if you are a veteran member, share this link with your friends who don't yet know the truly revolting details of Romney's callousness toward poor Seamus, the Irish Setter.

Questions still remain about Seamus' ultimate fate - questions Romney has so far refused to answer.

TIME MAGAZINE: Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation


Fox News' Lanny Davis: Why Romney's Dog on Car Roof Story Makes Him Unfit to be President 

RACHEL MADDOW SHOW (MSNBC): Insensitivity, Gaffes, and Romney's Dog

SUSAN ESTRICH: Romney's Care of Dog May Attest to His Character 

ABC NEWS: Romney Strapped Dog to Roof of Car 

THE GUARDIAN: Animal Cruelty Story Dogs Romney 



Anonymous said...

Another Dogs against Romney mention from Washington Post.

Anonymous said...

New verb: "Romney": To defecate in fear. Used in a sentence: "The thought of a heartless bastard making his dog ride in a crate on top of a car makes me want to Romney".

lp said...

Today, saw a report that 2 of romney's sons spoke off the record with reporters and said that Seamus ran away at the end of his trip on mitt's car roof!

Jon said...

It looks like Mitt's dog may have run away. Check out this ad:

Anonymous said...

I shook Romney's hand in a sandwich shop here in good old Salt Lake City, Utah. He was with his family (I didn't see any signs of Seamus). I need to disinfect my hand and quick. What an ass. I hate dog abuse and if I had a chance at Romney, he'd get one in the crotch. Piss off Romney.

Beryl said...

3 Strikes and Romney's Out!
1. He strapped his pet to the roof.
2. When he found the dog was distressed, he didn't bring him inside.
3. He didn't tell the truth during the Chris Wallace interview. How does a dog breathe in an air-tight container? If it was air-tight, how did the diarrhea escape?

Anonymous said...

I am an Australian Shepherd living in Westchester County, New York. I am a Therapy Dog with the Good Dog Foundation and was Dog of The Year at Northwind Kennels in Beford, New York.

How can I be the Westchester County, New York Chair of Dogs Against Romney? I work for kibble!



Anonymous said...

OK Rusty, you didn't take me up on my offer to send you the song I wrote and recorded about Mitt and his unfortunate dog. I thought that you might want to post it here on your blog. Well, anyone who wants to hear the tune (and read the lyrics) can do so by following this link to the Reverbnation site. It's the top song on the list, called Willard's Fun Ride:

Paul Wartenberg said...

I come from a dog family - even though we are currently owned by cats - and I can assure you even my Republican parents still remember this story from the 2008 primaries.

In the days of my youth, our dogs rode inside. Always. Who the bleep puts a dog on a car roof?!

Peter J M said...
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lmj said...

Say what?

Romney in ‘02: ‘Only Connection’ to the Republican Party Is My Party Registration

Romney: “The Gay Community Needs More Support from the Republican Party’

Romney believes that strapping a dog to the roof of a car is just fine. Even more bizarre but revealing is that Romney is unwilling to admit wrong or apologize. How we treat animals reflects the core of our characters.

Romney’s MA Jobs’ Initiative Directly Contributed to the 2008 Financial Crisis

Anonymous said...

Hey Rusty! *pat pat*

Tell your owner they may be interested in teaming up with the person who made this YouTube video. Google "Hmatkin" plus "My dog is on the roof." Good video! Just saw it on FB.

Keep fighting the good fight, you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Mason-Dixon dog, a Labrador/Bluetick named Burma. I've never been on a roof in my life, although some of my cats like chasing the roof rats where I can't rescue them. Car roofs are different. We wouldn't even put Romney on one.

Glad to meet you, Rusty.

Anonymous said...

Cats hate Romney too, you know!