Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Night Live Makes Fun of Mitt Romney Dog on Roof Story

VIDEO CLIP BELOW: Last night, Saturday Night Live did an opening sketch featuring an actor playing Mitt Romney sitting his den, talking about the results of last week's Republican primaries. With Romney in his den is a beautiful Golden Retriever, whom the Romney character refers to as "Baron" (purportedly Romney's new dog). Toward the end of the bit, Baron begins barking loudly at Romney, interrupting him repeatedly. The live audience loves it, and then Romney scolds the dog saying, "Do you want to go back up on the roof?" 

While none of us here at Dogs Against Romney think the true story about how Mitt Romney treated his dog is funny, Saturday Night Live just helped us introduce the story to millions of people, whom we can educate about the truly horrid details by directing them to read THIS.


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Anonymous said...

Love it. except the car ad