Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bienvenue français lecteurs de langue!

Merci de votre visite les chiens contre Romney, le site qui est maintenant en vie l'histoire de mauvais traitements de Mitt Romney de son chien, Seamus. Mitt est moyenne. Il ne devrait pas être président des États-Unis, ou n'importe quel pays civilisé.


Note to our English speaking audience: We were linked by another publication in France this morning and we are receiving a lot of French speaking visitors.


Anonymous said...

Even french dogs are against you Romney! Viva Revolucion! Dogs from every country will unite. Famous dogs such Bethoven, Marley and me, Shiloh, the dog from Fraiser, Marmaduke, Santas Little Helper, and Scooby Doo will come together to take you down Romney!

Anonymous said...

Google Translate, I presume? My French isn't good enough to suggest fixes to all the translation issues here, but you should at least change "Mitt est moyenne", which means "Mitt is average" (the wrong kind of "mean"). I would suggest "Mitt est cruel".