Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome Listeners of All Things Considered!

Welcome listeners of All Things Considered! Thank you for stopping by Dogs Against Romney, where we are keeping the story of Mitt Romney's poor treatment of his family dog alive. If you would like more background on the story, click here. I hope you'll join my Super Pack and help me get my message out, because we are howling mad at Mitt Romney!




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Duffy's Pals said...

Just wanted to say great job with the Westminster Dog Show demonstration. From what our friends scattered throughout the country have been saying- both the furry friends and the no-so-furry ones- the protest got favorable nationwide coverage, and raised a good deal of consciousness about Mitt Romney's cruel treatment of Seamus, and his lack of both empathy and common sense. It was also a nice educational reminder about riding inside, though thankfully for most people, putting the luggage on top of the car is so blindingly obvious as to need little reminding!

Good to see that SNL took this up recently too, we were wondering when they'd work it in. And All Things Considered, too. Duffy here gives it two paws up, and so do we!