Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delegates: Why We Must Keep Dogging Romney

Good morning, Pack.

Last night was a sweet-feeling evening for Dogs Against Romney, with meanie Mitt losing both Alabama and Mississippi before bedtime. I say it was sweet feeling because, even though Romney lost those contests, he is still gaining in the area that counts most - delegates.

Admittedly, my little doggy brain is not well-equipped to make sense of the delegate-based nominating process, but I can understand charts likes this one. Last night, even though he lost in Alabama and Mississippi, Romney still got 23 delegates from those states added to the total number of delegates he has collected up to this point in the primary process. Plus, after we all went beddie-bye, he won Hawaii and American Samoa and got 18 more delegates there.

All this means that - even though we all went to bed feeling pretty good about last night, Romney actually "won" the night where it really counts - delegates. He won 41 more delegates last night, while Santorum and Gingrich each won just 35 and 24, respectively.

I know this all seems unfair. If three dogs were all competing to dig up a bone, and I got to it first, I should get to keep that bone. I shouldn't have to share parts of it with the other two dogs, based on how deep their parts of the hole were, right?


But, that's the way it is. Romney is still way, way ahead, and unless we really BRING HIM DOWN, he is going to get to the magic 1,144 delegates before anybody else can.  Don't let up, pack. We have to keep dogging him. 



Anonymous said...

Santorum campaign is playing the Seamus card now.

Anonymous said...

Here's another Seaumus dig from Stephen Colbert.

P.S. Any chance we could log on via twitter?

Pet News and Views said...

I love your site! Unfortunately, I don't like any of the GOP runners. I will support the President.

cameron said...

Your site rocks - consider mine another member of the pack - href=""