Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dogs Against Romney: Be in Our First Ad (YouTube Challenge)

Hey, Pack Members, would you like to be in our very first Dogs Against Romney ad? We are about to produce our first ad and we want YOU to be in it! Keep reading for instructions about how to participate.

Dogs Against Romney YouTube Challenge

For your chance to be in our very first ad, here is all you have to do. Get out your video camera (iPhone or Droid video is fine, too) and shoot video of:

1) You telling your kid(s) that you are about to go somewhere in the car AND ask your kid(s) if they think it will be OK to transport their pet on the ROOF of the car instead of inside. Capture your kid(s) reaction to this question on video. We want real reactions (not rehearsed) of kids who think it is a wrong, mean, crazy, or upsetting thing to do.


2) Ask your pet if it be OK if you make them ride on the roof of the car. Try to capture your pet’s reaction to this (barking, whining, running away, confusion, etc.) Note: Special bonus if your pet is wearing Dogs Against Romney doggie shirts or bandanas!


Upload your video to YouTube. IMPORTANT! When you upload your video, please do the following: 1) Title Your Video “Dogs Against Romney YouTube Challenge” and tag it “Dogs Against Romney.” When you are done, please let us know it is ready for us to look at by leaving a comment on this blog post OR by commenting on our Facebook page.

We will accept submissions until Saturday, March 31!

Need Help Understanding How to upload video to YouTube?

We can’t wait to see what you submit! We will choose the best of the best video to create our viral ad.

Start shooting!




CSH said...

Leo, our beagle, rides inside his mama (my baby girl) wouldn't have it any other way.

Jackie Loeser said...

Journey rides inside, video uploaded!

Anonymous said...

Maggie Rides Inside, says so in YouTube challenge:

Anonymous said...

I hope the dog owner's video showing the returning solider being greeted by his dog is the winning video! I bet "Seamus" didn't greet romney lovingly when he got off the "ROOF"!

Anonymous said...

You people have no idea what animal abuse is. Fools. You have obviously never worked in rescue. Your cruel, cruel actions have enraged those of us who work in this horrible situation daily.