Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dogs Against Romney Merchandise: License Plate Frames

Here at Dogs Against Romney, we are working to get the word out about Mitt Romney's history of animal cruelty. You can help us do that AND help us raise money for an animal welfare organization by purchasing our merchandise. Here's the latest item we've added - license plate frames! These are a great way to let the people behind you know where you stand. 



Anonymous said...

Hey Rusty:

Which animal welfare organization are you helping? And the percentage of sales going to the organization?

Just curious - thanks!

Rusty said...

Here is the info you requested

sue everson said...

I purchased two bumper stickers- but they have no adhesive backing to allow them to stick to a bumper.
you should probably call them something besides "stickers", seeing as they aren't.

Rusty said...

Hi Sue,
It sounds like they may have sent you the magnets instead of the stickers. Cafepress has a 30-day return policy, so please contact them and the will make it right.