Monday, April 2, 2012

Dogs Against Romney Poll: Mitt is Mean (and weird)

With nearly 44,000 members from every state in the country in our Facebook "Super Pack," it seemed like a good time to start conducting some surveys and opinion polls. For our very first survey we asked our members if they have ever, in their entire lives, seen anyone driving down an Interstate with a dog strapped in a crate to the roof of a car. Ever?

1,250 people participated in the survey. Our conclusion: Mitt is mean (and weird).

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Anonymous said...

Givin’ Mitt Shitt in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

"The protesters were a mix of people who held signs like “Keep your Mitt(s) off Birth Control” and people with “Recall Walker” signs, or pro-union signs, or signs that referenced dogs [if you don't know what the dog thing is about, try Dogs Against Romney ]."