Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mitt Romney and Ted Nugent: Killers of Small Varmints and Baby Deer

The last time Mitt Romney tried to impress gun sportsmen, he claimed to be a "lifelong hunter," only to be embarrassingly busted in the lie. He backed down from his false bravado and said, instead, that he had hunted "small varmints" as a boy (once) and never again until 45-years later.

This time around, Romney decided to bring in some big guns to help him curry favor with gun owners. He called former rock star and current hunting fanatic Ted Nugent in March. They talked,Nugent demanded a promise from Romney about gun control in exchange for his endorsement, and Romney complied.

Four days later, on April 19, Nugent’s comments earned him a visit from the Secret Service, who wanted to know exactly what Nugent meant by his comments.

The next day, Friday, April 20, Nugent was forced to plead guilty to illegally killing a bear in Alaska two years ago, while filming his hunting show, Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild.”

Shockingly, Nugent has been charged at least 11 other times for poaching, including baiting and killing a deer to young to be legally hunted.

Today, Mitt Romney claims he did not “solicit” Ted Nugent’s endorsement – but he isn't rejecting it.

Maybe Ted is out with Mitt today, teaching him how to shoot baby deer through the holes in a chain link pen.


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Bill said...

Romney keeps courting irrelevant endorsements.
Just how crazy do you have to be to decide your vote by thinking, "What would Ted Nugent do?"
Probably even less than those who are swayed by a Donald Trump endorsement.