Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mitt Romney's Hopelessly Narcissistic View of Animal Cruelty

The Romneys participated in a nationally televised interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer last night, during which they had the opportunity (thanks to Dogs Against Romney) to answer questions about the famed "dog-on-roof incident" in which the Romney's admit to travelling (at least once, and perhaps frequently) with their family pet strapped to the roof of their station wagon as if he were luggage. 

Mitt Romney, when asked by Sawyer if he would do such a thing again, said "Certainly not...," which would have been a fantastic answer had he not been compelled to add a totally narcissistic qualifier, "...with all the attention its received."

I repeat: "Certainly not with all the attention its received."

In other words, Mr. Romney still sees nothing wrong with what he did (despite the fact that 68% of Americans say it was "inhumane") and the only reason he wouldn't do it again is to avoid personal political backlash.

It is stunning - and disappointing - that the Romneys just don't get it.

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Stacey @ RealWorldMom said...

He is a sick man and should not even be permitted to seek public office, let alone run for a position.

Anonymous said...

Narcissistic is right!! What a nitwit.

Gregg B said...

This is similar to his answer about his illegal alien gardeners. I can't have this..I'm running for President!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't even understand the moral deprivation of putting your beloved companion pet on the roof of the car--you put your "stuff" on the roof(!) the dog goes in the car with the family!!! He has shown as much compassion and understanding for the 99%.

Victor Zapada said...

Even the homeless care for their pet so much and consider them as a big part of their family on the street. If this people can do it, then why can't all of us set a good example to children and tell them the importance of caring the animals they interact with in their daily life.