Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MSNBC: Romney Campaign Not Happy Dog Came up in National Interview

MSNBC's Daily Rundown discussed politics this morning - and how unhappy the Romney campaign is that the Romneys' history of animal cruelty came up in their national interview on ABC last night. Dogs Against Romney pack members flooded Diane Sawyer with questions about Seamus, the Romney's Irish Setter, leading her to question the Romneys about it. Video clip below (note: the dog-on-roof discussion begins about 58 seconds into this clip): 


Anonymous said...

This topic should be asked by every single person interviewing the Romneys until the election. Their actions were ignorant, but their attitude about it is unconscionable.

Anonymous said...

I eat the turkey on the counter all the time, and don't get the runs!

N Cognita in Columbus said...

So, even tho' they knew Seamus was ill from eating the "turkey on the counter" they stuffed him in the crate. When he did diarrhea-explode in the crate, Mitt hosed the crate and the dog down, stuffed the dog back in the crate (wet, I'm sure) and continued on the 12 hour trip. Too bad the driver's window wasn't open w--i--d--e!

Anonymous said...

I live near the town of Jackson Wyoming. Like many areas it is plagued with stillborn construction projects. While awaiting a haircut in the town barbershop conversation turned to the best use for the giant half-block excavation pit that had graced the other side of the street for two years.

Now Jackson is also grizzly bear country. Only last week one chased a girl riding her bike with the obvious intent of making a meal of her only a mile from my house. Several barbershop customers suggested relocating him to the pit and charging customers to throw chicken wings to him, or even using him as a solution to the problem of unruly children.

I have a better idea. As voters we always have difficulty assessing the ability of our presidential candidates to react decisively in times of stress. A session with Mr. Grizz would quickly show their true colors.

Mittens should welcome the chance to be first and thus gain a head start from his opposition. After all he is a great lover of animals, and knows exactly what makes them wag their tail with delight. And if things should not go as planned he can rely upon that magic Mormon undergarment he wears that he believes allows him to fly.

Anonymous said...

This incident of animal cruelty shows that Willard Romney has no empathy...none at all. God help us all if he gets into the WH.

Naresh Jessani said...

In the Diane Sawyer interview re: strapping his dog on the roof, Romney said " It was to me a kinder thing to bring him along than to leave him in the kennel for two weeks.”. I take this as an outrage and personal insult. I am a small business owner. I run a dog kennel in New York City. Over 30% of our revenues goes into some form of tax before we've made a penny of profits. He says he's for small business. I work really hard to take care of every dog as if it were my own. If Seamus were with us and got diarrhea, we would have taken him to the veterinarian, perhaps at the ASPCA, our landlord. If what he were saying were true, then the ASPCA would never have leased the premises to us. He won't take responsibility for his mistake--pure and simple. And now we have the Senator McCain tweet. Outrageous!
Naresh Jessani