Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Politico: Mitt Romney Just Can't Outrun Seamus

Dogs Against Mitt Romney
Politico published a story today titled "Mitt Romney just can't outrun Seamus." They're right, because we won't let him outrun Seamus. What he did to his dog is indefensible. 68% of Americans agree it was "inhumane". It doesn't matter how long ago it was that he did it. 

Should we have a president who abused his dog? Should we have a president who is listed in national animal abuse databases (this is true, more about it soon)? Should we have a president, in charge of our military and privy to secrets, who is not even qualified to adopt a pet?

We think not.



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Anonymous said...

I would love to strap mitt to the top of my suburban while my dogs and I take a long highway trip. He is either very stupid or extremely cruel. Both of which should disqualify him from the presidency or any other position. If he would do that to his own family dog, how would he treat the average American who is not rich like him?