Monday, April 30, 2012

Romney Friend and Supporter Ted Nugent Booted From Performing at Army Event Over Threats to the President

Mitt Romney's friend, supporter, and fellow animal abuser, Ted Nugent, has been booted from performing at an Army event because of his recent perceived threats to President Obama. Nugent, who was forced to sit through an interview with the Secret Service after his remarks, and who last week was forced to plead guilty to to his 11th charge for illegal poaching of animals while hunting (including baiting and shooting a baby deer), has endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

While the Army has clearly showed its position on Nugent, Mitt Romney, who wants to be Commander in Chief of the armed forces has not. Perhaps animal abusers stick together.


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Gabs said...

If Romney had any sense, he'd have booted Nugent off, but hey, if he had any sense, he wouldn't transport a dog on top of his car...