Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romney Put Seamus on the Car, But He Threw Greyhounds Under the Bus

Seamus the Irish Setter isn’t the only dog Mitt Romney failed to treat nicely. While he was Governor of Massachusetts, Romney was approached twice by animal welfare activists seeking (begging for) his help in banning dog racing in the state. Romney was made aware that greyhounds used for racing were being kept in cages so small they could barely turn around, and that a dog was being severely injured while racing every 3 – 4 days.

Christine Dorchak, the head of an organization that seeks to ban dog racing worldwide, told the Daily Beast that she could find “no evidence” Romney ever took a stand for the dogs. She noted that the dog-racing industry in Massachusetts was “the number three contributor to state legislators” at the time.

Because of Romney’s indifference to the plight of the greyhounds, dog-racing - and cruelty - continued for several years in Massachusetts under his administration. It was ultimately banned by popular vote in 2008, after Romney left office.

Philip Singer, a top communications staffer for Sen. Hillary Clinton in 2008, said voters concerned with animal welfare seem poised to become a “new voting bloc” in this election and that Romney’s silence on the hotly-contested greyhound racing issue could be “the kind of story that breaks through with people who don’t always follow minute-to-minute developments, but who are casually interested and vote.”

“Considering that he put his dog on the roof of his car, it’s just not surprising that he wasn’t lined up with animal-rights activists,” Singer said.

Hat tip: TheDaily Beast



Debbie Wainwright said...

Romney has a real problem. He committed animal cruelty, and because of this is one the National Animal Cruelty Registry. The registry was founded in 1986, and contains about 20,000 incidents of animal cruelty from across the country. Many animal shelters and pet stores will not sell to a person whose name is in the registry.

dog bite attorney orlando said...

I am totally against officials who mistreat animals.