Saturday, June 9, 2012

Help Stop the Dog Abuser. Support the Mitt is Mean SuperPAC

Hey, Pack

Many of you have asked how you can do more to STOP a dog abuser from being president. Many of you have asked if you can donate to Dogs Against Romney. The answer is "no, you cannot donate to Dogs Against Romney, because we are not an official political action committee (PAC). That's why we have decided to endorse the Mitt is Mean SuperPAC. You CAN donate to the Mitt is Mean SuperPAC and they WILL educate people in key swing states about what Mitt Romney did to his poor dog, Seamus - and how MEAN Mitt Romney is.

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Boston, MA-Today, the founder of Dogs against Romney, Scott Crider endorsed the SuperPAC, Mitt IS Mean. Crider will also serve as a volunteer adviser to the SuperPac. 

Dogs Against Romney is a national group of pet lovers who believe that Mitt Romney’s abuse of his dog Seamus is a window into the GOP nominee’s soul. You may have heard the story. In 1983, the Romney family took a vacation and drove 12 hours to Canada from the Romney mansion in Massachusetts. During the entire trip, the family’s Irish setter, Seamus was exiled to a crate strapped on top of the station wagon. When Seamus answered the call of nature and rained on the Romney parade, mean Mitt hosed the car and poor Seamus down. 

“Dogs against Romney is a pack, not a PAC” said Crider. “Our members are eager to do more and need a PAC they can support. I decided to get behind Mitt is Mean because the group has been working around the clock to focus attention on Romney’s cruel indifference to people and pets. If he treated his family dog that way how do you think he’ll treat people he doesn’t know.” 

Marty Dunleavy, a senior adviser to Mitt is Mean stated that he was “happy to have Scott Crider and Dogs against Romney on board because we both want to expose Mitt Romney for the mean spirited guy he really is. The GOP presidential candidate has already made it clear that he doesn’t care about the problems of poor people, homeowners and working families.” Brad Bannon, spokesman for Mitt is Mean pointed out that “Romney is the guy who put his dog in a crate on top of a car for 12 hours, likes to fire people, bullied a prep school classmate and supports the GOP Mean Machine budget which cuts federal aid for prenatal care.” 


Mitt is Mean is a group of animal lovers and pet owners who want to make the case against the cold blooded and calculating corporate CEO. MIM will fight a targeted online video campaign against Romney in the battleground states focused on his indifference to pain and suffering.


Pets Central said...

I would like to support Mitt is Mean -- The Animal Lovers Aganist Romney Committee, Is there any choice to donate money from debit card?

Rusty said...

Pets Central, I don't see why not. If you go to the link provided in my blog article, then click "contribute," it shows credit card options. I don't think it will care whether your card is a debit card or not, as long as it has a Visa, Mastercard, or other major credit card symbol on it. Here's the direct link to that page: