Thursday, May 24, 2012

Puppy Power: The Women Against Romney Project

Barbara & Darby
Are you a woman against Mitt Romney? Do you have a great photo of yourself and your pup? Be part of our new project, "Puppy Power: Women (and their dogs) Against Romney," which will also be published as an E-book before the election this Fall. 

Take a stand. Send a message. Show the world that women do NOT support a mean person for president of the United States.


Step 1: Go to the Dogs Against Romney Facebook page at

Step 2: On my page, click "Photo/Video"

Step 3: Then click "Upload Photo/Video."

Step 4: Then enter YOUR first name and YOUR DOG'S name, YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE in the box where shown below.

Step 5: Click "Choose File." Then locate your photo on your computer.

Step 6: After you select your photo from your computer, click "Post." You're done! Note: Your photo WILL NOT remain on my wall. Don't worry, I have it!

To print these instructions, GO HERE.

Note: By uploading your photo, you confirm that you understand you are participating in a voluntary promotion and that your photo may be selected for publication and that you give Dogs Against Romney and its publisher permission to use your photo for promotional purposes. Due to limitations on the size of our publication, not all photos can be used.

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