Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Should an Animal Abuser be President? Neigh.

First there was Seamus, the Romney family Irish Setter whom they admit to strapping to the roof of their car (at least once) for a 12-hour drive to Canada as if he was luggage. They left poor Seamus up on the roof even after he became ill and soiled himself and the car. Mitt, in what was described by his campaign as "emotion free crisis management" merely hosed Seamus down and continued on the trip for hours more.

Now there is a horse named Super Hit.
In 2008, the Romneys sold a horse named Super Hit for $125,000. The horse was subsequently found to be lame and unable to perform dressage. Dr. Steven Soule, veterinarian for the U.S. Equestrian Team, was consulted. He found that Super Hit, at the time he was sold, had been drugged with a staggering amount of painkillers - more than he had ever seen given to a horse in 38-years of practice.

Super Hit's new owners sued Ann Romney, her trainers and her vet. The case was settled out of court last September. The Romney campaign called the case "frivolous," but refused to allow the LA Times to interview the Romneys, their trainers, or their vet. The LA Times also reports that Romney's lawyers have sought to keep the case out of the public eye by trying to get the attorney of Super Hit's new owners to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The Romneys continue their relationship with the same trainers under whom Super Hit was given a staggering amount of painkillers so that he could be forced to continue performing.


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