Friday, October 26, 2012

BREAKING: Judge Says Mitt Romney "Probably" Guilty of Animal Abuse

A judge in an Oregon courtroom Friday made it clear he believes Mitt Romney “probably” would have been found guilty of animal abuse for strapping his crated dog to the roof of a car for a 12-hour trip. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Kenneth Walker made the statement in open court during the trial of two Oregon men charged with second-degree animal abuse.

As reported in The Oregonian, the two men were arrested after accidentally dragging their dog behind a truck. The question put before the court was this: Is it a crime to tie a dog to a car, forget about it, then drive off?

While arguing in her clients’ defense, attorney Lisa Pardini said to Judge Walker that even people in prominent positions of power sometimes make bad decisions, using Mitt Romney as an example. 

"Our presidential candidate tied up a dog and drove off with him for quite a while," Pardini said. 

To that, Judge Walker said: "I would have probably found him guilty for that." 

Ultimately, Judge Walker agreed with the defense, finding the two men were “negligent” but not guilty of animal abuse. The dog survived the incident.

Source: Amy Green, The Oregonian
Photo: Associated Press



Anonymous said...

I hope the dog was removed from these people.

Anonymous said...

If stupidity results in animal abuse, its still animal abuse. I would have thrown these guys in jail.

annette said...

But the question remains . . . .what happened to Seamus?

Anonymous said...

when my husband and I drove cross xountry we thought we did this to our cat and dog. Thank goodness we just forgot to unhook the leashes. The pets were fine but we stopped stopped to fid 2 tattered leashes tied to the bumper. What a relief when they popped ther heads up from the back seat!

Anonymous said...

Idiots! Ever heard of the back seat or buying or renting a bigger car? No one would think of strapping kids to the roof of a car! Pets are family too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mitt would do this to America.

Miss V in NYC said...

Poor dog. He deserves owners who actually care about his well-being and don't just see him as an animal that can be easily replaced if something happened to him.

NonnyMus2 said...

The worse part of what Willard* did to Seamus is that the luggage was inside the car. Any sane person would have strapped the luggage to the roof instead of the dog.

*Mitt's real first name.