Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Secretly, Mitt Romney Has Already Roof-Racked Half of Americans

In a secretly recorded video, Mitt Romney described his true feelings about nearly half of Americans. To a room full of his rich donors, Romney disdainfully described 47% of Americans as people who "believe they are victims" because they depend on the government for assistance with health care, social security, or food for their children - and Romney said it isn't his job to worry about "those people." 

The 47% number includes retirees and the very elderly, who receive social security and medicare after they paid into the system for their entire lives. It includes families with disabled children who can't work because their child requires 24-hour care; it includes disabled veterans who served their county and sacrificed their bodies and ability to support themselves. 

Mitt Romney looks at all these Americans - people like your grandparents - the same way. He looks at all of them as if they are free-loading welfare abusers whose only interest in politics is protecting their free meal tickets.

Mitt is mean.


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Anonymous said...

If Mitt was a dog someone would of put him down because he's got one bad case of rabies! Dang, he's a mean, viscious, inappropriate mutt- INAPPROPRIATE FOR THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF OUR UNITED STATES!!!