Monday, October 8, 2012

Security Camera Video: Romney Supporter Steals "Dogs Against Romney" Sign

Here is security camera video showing a Romney supporter stealing a "Dogs Against Romney" sign from the garden of one of our members in broad daylight. The incident happened on Wawona Street in the Pine Lake Park district of San Francisco. In the video, what appears to be an older man, wearing a baseball cap and walking a dog that appears to be a Golden Retriever, passes a couple who are walking toward him on the sidewalk. The couple walks past the Dogs Against Romney sign (right side of screen, located in a small garden) without disturbing it. The older man, however, notices the sign and immediately stops. He approaches the sign and pulls it from the ground, stepping into a doorway area to hide his activity. He wads the sign up and walks away with it, pausing to look around to make sure he hadn't been seen. During the vandalism and theft, the man's dog remains frozen, staring at him, perhaps displeased.

This act is not only trespassing, theft and vandalism - but also a violation of our member's constitutional right to free speech - and it is petty - but what else would one expect from a Romney supporter?

Anyone in the Pine Lake Park district who recognizes the person committing this crime, please report it in the comments section of this post, in the comments on the video's You Tube page, or on the Dogs Against Romney Facebook page. If we can positively identify him, we'd like to honor him as our "Romney Supporter of the Week."




Anonymous said...

Post this on sf

Lurkers there may help


Anonymous said...

Hope he got arrested.