Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's Next for Dogs Against Romney?

From January to November of this year, this blog received 1,299,620 visitors. Combined with the roughly 1 million visitors the original Dogs Against Romney blog received in 2007, we've safely accumulated over 2 million total visits since the news first broke about the way Mitt Romney treated his poor dog, Seamus. 

By the way, Dogs Against Romney was not about electing President Obama (although it became that by default when Romney won the Republican nomination). DAR was started while Obama and Hillary Clinton were still slugging it out in the 2007 Democratic primary. Disclosure: I am a modestly left-of-center independent and I personally supported President Obama's reelection. However, we worked hard to stop Romney from even getting the GOP nomination and - had we been successful - I'd have shut DAR down then and there and gone happily back to my regular job and daily activities. 

It didn't work out that way, though. Instead, we got a long fight that provided us with an incredible social media laboratory in which we learned a lot and gained a tremendous amount of very valuable experience (I suppose that is one thing I can thank Mitt Romney for).

Unlike 2007, DAR 2012 included a very robust social media component. Twitter was good, but Facebook by far became the star. We developed a very engaged Facebook following that eagerly shared our content. By Election Day, the DAR Facebook page sported over 106,000 members. I am still calculating the final numbers, but I can tell you that in the last week of the election alone, our Facebook content reached over 1.25 million people through viral sharing by our members. The final numbers will be nothing short of astounding.

So what's next? This has been a 5-year labor of love that often took time away from family, friends and my regular job (social media and online/interactive marketing consultant).Thankfully, as I mentioned above, an incredible amount of what we experienced and learned over the course of the election can be put to good use helping to bring about positive, forward change in the future (it is never too early to begin positioning for success in the next mid-term election). 

By all means take a few days to enjoy our hard-won victory - then, lets get back to work. I invite you to join us in our continuing, expanded mission. Visit our new blog to learn more - and while you're there, be sure to "Like" our new Facebook page to keep up with what comes next. Visit:

Scott Crider
Founder, Dogs Against Romney & Co-Founder, Watchdog Causes, LLC

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