Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dogs Against Romney Social Media Activism Reached 40 Million People

The numbers are still being calculated, but it is now safe to say that, between January and November, 2012, Dogs Against Romney reached at least 40 million Americans with our message. This estimate is a combination of social sharing by our members, and mainstream media coverage we received. 


- In our top week on Facebook, we reached 1.25 million through social sharing
- In each of the last 8 weeks of the election, we reached at least 900,000
- In one night (the night we hijacked Romney's Diane Sawyer interview) we reached 9 million

Truthfully, the number is much larger, and incalculable. For example, the social sharing number includes only those from our page. It does not include exposure we received when our members' friends re-shared (and re-shared, and re-shared) our content. It does not include exposure we received when other activists shared our content with their own supporters, nor does it include the re-shares that followed it. The mainstream media numbers do not include exposure we received when their viewers and readers shared and re-shared the stories in their own social networks. Nor do the media numbers include the exposure we received in other countries (we were written about by mainstream press in Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Australia).

I'm now working on a book about the experience, titled The Coming Age of Social Media Activism. If interested, you can keep up with its progress on our new Facebook page, Watchdog Causes.

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