Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mitt Romney's Crate-Gate: Pack Member's Express Displeasure

The Dogs Against Romney "Super Pack" continues to grow rapidly and our message is being heard. So far we've been mentioned on shows like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Fox News, magazines like People, and big blogs like Andrew Sullivan's The Dish. We've been written about in newspapers from Canada, to London, to Ireland, to Sweeden, and Brazil. 

Keep an eye on us, because we are going to make a difference in this election. 

On our Facebook page, over 22,000 Pack Members are involved, and passionately working to get our message out. Here are just a few of their own image submissions, showing that unlike Mitt Romney, their dogs "RIDE INSIDE."

Monday, February 6, 2012

Did Mitt Romney Drive Through a Car Wash with His Dog on the Roof?

The Boston Globe published an article this morning written by Neal Swidey, the reporter who first uncovered the Mitt Romney dog abuse story in 2007. In today's article, Swidey reminisces about the story and why it just won't seem to go away. You can read it here.

But I noticed something troubling in the article. The original story claimed that Mitt Romney strapped his dog to the roof of the car in a crate and drove the family 12-hours to Canada. Along the way, the poor, scared dog (Seamus) had a bad case of diarrhea (some say in fear) that ran down the side of the car. Romney stopped the car at a gas station, the story went, and hosed down the poor beast and car before getting back on the road.

But is that what REALLY happened?

In today's article, Swidey reveals that in the first version of the story he'd heard from a Romney "family friend," Mitt Romney did not hose down the dog but instead "drove the station wagon right through a car wash" with poor Seamus strapped atop!

Knowing he had a remarkable story in his hands, Swidey says, he worked diligently to ensure he had every detail correct. He spoke to Tagg Romney, one of the Romney children who was in the car at the time. "Far from being tone-deaf, Tagg realized as I dug deeper that the story could cause his father grief," Swidey wrote. 

And the story changed.

So, Mr. Romney, what is the REAL story?


Dogs Against Romney: I Ride Inside Template

Looking for a template to create your own "I Ride Inside" poster? Go HERE.
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I Ride Inside: Pack Member Pups

We surpassed 22,000 members of our "Super Pack" over the weekend and many of our members are creating and sharing their own Dogs Against Romney "I Ride Inside" images to show that they DO NOT support Mitt Romney's practice of transporting dogs on the roof of cars. I am getting far more of these images from our pack members than I can possibly share on the Facebook page, so I am going to start showcasing them here. Here's the first set.

How do you feel? Should dog's be transported on the roof? Or does your dog RIDE INSIDE?