Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome MSN Readers!

Welcome to Dogs Against Romney, the blog that is keeping the story alive of Seamus Romney, the Irish Setter who was strapped to the roof of the car by Mitt Romney for 12-hours, sick, cold and frightened. If you are just now learning about this story, go HERE for background information.

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Dogs Against Romney Facebook: Now 30,000 Strong

The Dogs Against Romney "Super Pack" on Facebook just passed 30,000 members! To celebrate, we offer you this video. Join our pack! Woof!

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David Letterman on Mitt Romney's Crate-Gate

Last night, David Letterman had Jon Stewart on Late Night to talk politics. About Mitt Romney, Letterman said:

"As a president, you want a guy who makes good decisions. Putting your dog on the roof of your not a good idea. That's it. End of story. I don't care about anything else."

See the video clip here.



How Loving Families Transport Their Pets

This is how loving families transport their pets. NOT strapped to the roof of the car like Mitt Romney does to his poor Irish Setter, Seamus.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome Rachel Maddow Viewers

Update: Wow. How awesome. It has taken me quite a while to welcome and engage with all the new friends who have come into my world across the blog, Facebook, and Twitter this evening, and I am still not done. But I wanted to stop in here to personally thank each and every one of you, and most specially Rachel Maddow for putting me on her show tonight on MSNBC. 

Thank you, Rachel! 

Stay tuned, stay involved, help spread the message.Together, we
will give voice to the voiceless.

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Welcome Listeners of All Things Considered!

Welcome listeners of All Things Considered! Thank you for stopping by Dogs Against Romney, where we are keeping the story of Mitt Romney's poor treatment of his family dog alive. If you would like more background on the story, click here. I hope you'll join my Super Pack and help me get my message out, because we are howling mad at Mitt Romney!




Bienvenue lecteurs français!

Je vous remercie de vous joindre à nous sur notre blog sur l'abus de chien de Mitt Romney. Mitt est moyenne. Il nous fait peur. Grrr! S'il vient jamais à la France, s'il vous plaît lui protester avec nous!


Note to English readers: We have been written about in a French newspaper and we are getting a lot of French visitors.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

American Kennel Club Spokeswoman Scolds Romney

When asked about today's Dogs Against Romney protest outside the Westminster Dog Show in New York City, American Kennel Club Spokesperson Lisa Peterson said she was aware of the Romney story.
"The AKC promotes responsible dog ownership [and] putting  dog in a crate for car travel is the first step toward responsible dog ownership," Peterson said. "The second step would be to put that crate in the car," she added.


Dogs Against Romney Protest at Westminster Dog Show: Visuals

WELCOME to all our new readers from the New York Times Caucus Blog, the Rachel Maddow Blog, and many, many others. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the whole back-story about Mitt Romney's dog abuse by reading all the links featured HERE.

Then, be sure to join our community on Facebook (26,000 strong and growing) to be part of he conversation, and help share this important message with people all over the United States. 

Here is a collection of images scraped from Twitter during the press event today outside the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. We had a bunch of protesters, at least 8 dogs, and a TON of media there. Conservative media are trying to talk-down the impact of the protest, but the fact is it is the largest Dogs Against Romney protest to date, and we have not done too terribly with media exposure with those smaller events. The visuals from the event today are devastating for Mitt Romney. They will appear all over the news and many more people will begin asking the question: "Mitt Romney did what?" And that, my dog-loving friends, is a win.



Sunday, February 12, 2012

VIDEO: I Ride Inside: Featuring Pack Members' Pups

This is Gerret. In addition to having his very own blog, he's a member of my Super Pack against dog abuser Mitt Romney. Woof Gerret!


Saturday Night Live Makes Fun of Mitt Romney Dog on Roof Story

VIDEO CLIP BELOW: Last night, Saturday Night Live did an opening sketch featuring an actor playing Mitt Romney sitting his den, talking about the results of last week's Republican primaries. With Romney in his den is a beautiful Golden Retriever, whom the Romney character refers to as "Baron" (purportedly Romney's new dog). Toward the end of the bit, Baron begins barking loudly at Romney, interrupting him repeatedly. The live audience loves it, and then Romney scolds the dog saying, "Do you want to go back up on the roof?" 

While none of us here at Dogs Against Romney think the true story about how Mitt Romney treated his dog is funny, Saturday Night Live just helped us introduce the story to millions of people, whom we can educate about the truly horrid details by directing them to read THIS.