Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BREAKING: Another Abused Romney Pet?

Andrew Sullivan, whom I trust,reports that Romney son Craig Romney had a blog in 2009 about a cross-country trip he took with friends. On this blog he posted a picture of a pet fish, in a bottle, suspended by a string from their truck's bumper. The caption read: "Our fearless sidekick. This fish has cheated death more times than I can remember." Sullivan linked to the blog but it has since been made private, presumably by Craig Romney. Children learn to devalue animal life from observing their parents. Can we afford to have a president setting such an example for us all? For the world? More on this upsetting story tomorrow.

UPDATE: I've been unable to find any certain evidence that the fish was transported strapped outside the truck - that may have been speculation by Andrew Sullivan. However, it is still troubling that Craig Romney wrote that the fish "cheated death more times than I can remember." How does a store bought pet fish repeatedly "cheat death" unless it's human owner repeatedly exposes it to danger?


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