Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Romney Adviser Speaks About Dog on Car Roof Story

Here's a quote from yesterday's great Washington Post article about our cause. A Romney adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity, said:

"For crying out loud, with 8.3% unemployment, if the dog defeats you, you deserve to be defeated."

Here's our position at Dogs Against Romney. There is no evidence whatsoever, other than Romney's own words, that he can or will do anything to improve unemployment. There is, however, proof that he abuses dogs. In fact, he believes "corporations are people" and that dogs are luggage. We think he deserves to be defeated.




Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mitt Romney Says Corporations are People and Dogs are Luggage

Join My Super Pack.


URGENT CRATE-GATE UPDATE: Did Mitt Romney Lie About Fate of Seamus?

We all know the sad story of Seamus, the Romney family Irish Setter who was strapped to the top of the Romney station wagon for at least one 12-hour trip to Canada – and who at least once pooped himself in fear and, after being given an “emotion-free” hosing down by Mitt Romney, was placed once more atop the car for more terrifying hours on the highway.

The Romney family has said previously that Seamus was given away to Romney’s sister after this fateful trip, and lived out the last of his days on a lovely farm. 

But now new questions emerge.

According to Hunter Walker, writing for the Politicker NY, a blog of the New York Observer, Mitt Romney “may not have told the whole truth about the scandalous tale.”

According to a “trusted Politicker tipster,” Walker says, “two of Romney’s sons had an off-the-record conversation with reporters” in which they revealed that Seamus actually “ran away when they reached their destination” in Canada.

As of this writing, says Walker, “the Romney campaign has not responded to multiple requests for comment on this story.”

What is the truth about Seamus' fate? Did he live out his days on a bucolic farm, as Romney has said? Or was he abandoned somewhere in Canada, alone, to fend for himself?

Update: Here's more from The Atlantic Wire: "Crate-Gate" Plot Twist



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delegates: Why We Must Keep Dogging Romney

Good morning, Pack.

Last night was a sweet-feeling evening for Dogs Against Romney, with meanie Mitt losing both Alabama and Mississippi before bedtime. I say it was sweet feeling because, even though Romney lost those contests, he is still gaining in the area that counts most - delegates.

Admittedly, my little doggy brain is not well-equipped to make sense of the delegate-based nominating process, but I can understand charts likes this one. Last night, even though he lost in Alabama and Mississippi, Romney still got 23 delegates from those states added to the total number of delegates he has collected up to this point in the primary process. Plus, after we all went beddie-bye, he won Hawaii and American Samoa and got 18 more delegates there.

All this means that - even though we all went to bed feeling pretty good about last night, Romney actually "won" the night where it really counts - delegates. He won 41 more delegates last night, while Santorum and Gingrich each won just 35 and 24, respectively.

I know this all seems unfair. If three dogs were all competing to dig up a bone, and I got to it first, I should get to keep that bone. I shouldn't have to share parts of it with the other two dogs, based on how deep their parts of the hole were, right?


But, that's the way it is. Romney is still way, way ahead, and unless we really BRING HIM DOWN, he is going to get to the magic 1,144 delegates before anybody else can.  Don't let up, pack. We have to keep dogging him. 


Mitt is Mean "Super PACk:" Animal Lovers Against Romney

Hi, I'm Rusty

I invented the phrase "Mitt is Mean" and run a "Super PACk" to help communicate the message that Mitt Romney is mean to dogs. I've been trying to educate America about what Mitt Romney did to his dog, Seamus, for more than five years. You can help me get my message out AND help raise funds for an animal welfare organization by buying one of my T-Shirts  or bumper stickers and wearing or displaying it proudly. Show you love dogs, and don't like Mitt. Woof!