Friday, April 13, 2012

Mitt Romney and the NRA: That Dog Won't Hunt

Mitt Romney once owned a sporting dog, an Irish Setter named Seamus, whom Romney treated so cruelly that he has been listed in two national animal abuse databases. Bad as he is as a pet owner, Romney is an even worse defender of the Second Amendment (gun rights).

Romney is set to speak to the National Rifle Association’s national convention today, where he will stand before a throng of true sportsmen and pretend to be one of them – even though everyone knows that his record shows he is not.

When Romney ran for Senate against Ted Kennedy, he asserted “I don’t line up with the NRA.”  Later, while running for Governor, he promised to veto any legislation that would weaken the state’s strict gun laws. As Governor, he quadrupled fees for gun licenses, making it much harder for people in his state to get and carry guns, and claimed the NRA had endorsed him. It hadn't.

It wasn't until 2006, as he prepared to run for the Republican nomination that Romney suddenly became a much stronger defender of the Second Amendment. He joined the NRA, paying extra to be a “Lifetime Member,” even though he didn't own a gun and he had never had a hunting license in his life.

With his freshly minted membership card in hand, he set out immediately trying to curry favor with gun sportsmen by pretending to be one of them. It didn't go very well.

Romney was caught lying about his hunting prowess on the campaign trail in 2007. “I've been a hunter pretty much all my life,” he told a crowd of sportsmen. Unfortunately, the facts didn't bear that out. It was discovered that “lifelong hunter” Mitt Romney had hunted exactly twice in his entire life (once for rabbits at age 15, and once more 45-years later for quail with political donors).

According to Ted Strickland, writing for Politico, the Romney campaign has also admitted that while Romney purchased two shotguns, it wasn't until after he claimed to be a gun owner.

True sportsmen can recognize their own – and they can smell a pretender a mile away. True sportsmen also love their dogs - giving them the joy of doing what they were born to do – and value their companionship.

Mitt Romney fails the sniff test on all counts. 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mitt Romney, Fred Malek, and Animal Cruelty

If you read this blog, you already know about Mitt Romney's history of animal cruelty. 

On Monday, Romney will be the beneficiary of a fundraiser that is being hosted for him by Fred Malek. Who is Malek? He is the former President of Marriott Hotels and Northwest Airlines; former assistant to U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon and H.W. Bush; and former National Finance Committee Co-Chair for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

When asked about the incident in 2006, Malek offered this explanation: He said he went to Peoria in the summer of '59 to visit friends at Bradley University. They got “drunk out of their minds” and he “didn't know why” one of the other men had killed the dog, that he was “not a participant” and that he was in “no position to stop it.”

Malek just…watched?

What is it with Mitt Romney and animal cruelty?


Dogs Against Romney Merchandise: License Plate Frames

Here at Dogs Against Romney, we are working to get the word out about Mitt Romney's history of animal cruelty. You can help us do that AND help us raise money for an animal welfare organization by purchasing our merchandise. Here's the latest item we've added - license plate frames! These are a great way to let the people behind you know where you stand. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Politico: Mitt Romney Just Can't Outrun Seamus

Dogs Against Mitt Romney
Politico published a story today titled "Mitt Romney just can't outrun Seamus." They're right, because we won't let him outrun Seamus. What he did to his dog is indefensible. 68% of Americans agree it was "inhumane". It doesn't matter how long ago it was that he did it. 

Should we have a president who abused his dog? Should we have a president who is listed in national animal abuse databases (this is true, more about it soon)? Should we have a president, in charge of our military and privy to secrets, who is not even qualified to adopt a pet?

We think not.



Monday, April 9, 2012

Political Writer Lanny Davis: Romney Abused Dog, "Shouldn't be President"

Political writer Lanny Davis wrote on The Hill today that its his opinion that “if [the dog-on-roof] story gets out and stays out, there will be tens of millions of Google hits by next October. And I am also thinking that Romney is going to lose a lot of dog-lover votes on this issue alone, regardless of party or ideology."

Davis also said, "I think anyone who puts his dog in a cage on top of a car for a 12-hour drive and then deludes himself or tries to delude others that the dog really enjoyed it — to me, with all due respect, I feel such a man shouldn’t be president of the United States.”

To you, Lanny, we say WOOF!


Mark Zuckerberg: "It is better to be accused of necrophilia than animal abuse."

In the blockbuster movie The Social Network, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed as once having said "It is better to be accused of necrophilia" than to be accused of animal abuse. While we in no way condone necrophilia, we have to say we agree that being accused of animal abuse is bad. Very bad. Here's the clip:

Mitt is mean. Grrr.