Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mitt Romney and Ted Nugent: Killers of Small Varmints and Baby Deer

The last time Mitt Romney tried to impress gun sportsmen, he claimed to be a "lifelong hunter," only to be embarrassingly busted in the lie. He backed down from his false bravado and said, instead, that he had hunted "small varmints" as a boy (once) and never again until 45-years later.

This time around, Romney decided to bring in some big guns to help him curry favor with gun owners. He called former rock star and current hunting fanatic Ted Nugent in March. They talked,Nugent demanded a promise from Romney about gun control in exchange for his endorsement, and Romney complied.

Four days later, on April 19, Nugent’s comments earned him a visit from the Secret Service, who wanted to know exactly what Nugent meant by his comments.

The next day, Friday, April 20, Nugent was forced to plead guilty to illegally killing a bear in Alaska two years ago, while filming his hunting show, Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild.”

Shockingly, Nugent has been charged at least 11 other times for poaching, including baiting and killing a deer to young to be legally hunted.

Today, Mitt Romney claims he did not “solicit” Ted Nugent’s endorsement – but he isn't rejecting it.

Maybe Ted is out with Mitt today, teaching him how to shoot baby deer through the holes in a chain link pen.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romney Put Seamus on the Car, But He Threw Greyhounds Under the Bus

Seamus the Irish Setter isn’t the only dog Mitt Romney failed to treat nicely. While he was Governor of Massachusetts, Romney was approached twice by animal welfare activists seeking (begging for) his help in banning dog racing in the state. Romney was made aware that greyhounds used for racing were being kept in cages so small they could barely turn around, and that a dog was being severely injured while racing every 3 – 4 days.

Christine Dorchak, the head of an organization that seeks to ban dog racing worldwide, told the Daily Beast that she could find “no evidence” Romney ever took a stand for the dogs. She noted that the dog-racing industry in Massachusetts was “the number three contributor to state legislators” at the time.

Because of Romney’s indifference to the plight of the greyhounds, dog-racing - and cruelty - continued for several years in Massachusetts under his administration. It was ultimately banned by popular vote in 2008, after Romney left office.

Philip Singer, a top communications staffer for Sen. Hillary Clinton in 2008, said voters concerned with animal welfare seem poised to become a “new voting bloc” in this election and that Romney’s silence on the hotly-contested greyhound racing issue could be “the kind of story that breaks through with people who don’t always follow minute-to-minute developments, but who are casually interested and vote.”

“Considering that he put his dog on the roof of his car, it’s just not surprising that he wasn’t lined up with animal-rights activists,” Singer said.

Hat tip: TheDaily Beast


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UPDATED: Dogs Against Romney: On Obama, Dog Meat, and Mitt

UPDATE: Two days ago, as described below, my gut feeling that news of President Obama's consumption of dog meat as a young boy while living in Indonesia was forgivable. Further, I felt that the Romney campaign's attempt to use this news to deflect their own, very real, animal abuse issue was "desperate." It seems the facts support my initial reaction. 

Jocelyn Noveck, reporting for the Associated Press, published an article today after spending the last two days interviewing dog owners and other members of the public about this issue. Her conclusion: 

"Virtually everyone interviewed gave Obama a pass on the dog meat, calling it a cultural difference."

- end of update-

I woke up early this morning to my phone ringing. It was a reporter, wanting to know the reaction of Dogs Against Romney to "new information" brought up by Romney campaign operatives. I asked her to read it to me. It seems they dug up some info from President Obama's book in which he wrote that he once was fed dog meat, as a young child, while in Indonesia with his family.

"How old was he?" I asked her. "I don't know," she said, "maybe 10."

"I think dog meat is fairly common, culturally, in Indonesia, isn't it?" I asked. She said she wasn't sure.

Still a little groggy from being awakened, I found it easy to come my conclusion: "I think it sounds pretty desperate on the part of the Romney campaign to bring this up as if it compares in any way to what Romney did."

"Elaborate," she requested.

"Well," I said, "it seems desperate for the Romney campaign to bring up something that happened to Obama when he was 10-years old, not preparing his own meals, in a country where eating dog meat probably isn't all that unusual - as if it compares in any way to Romney, as a 36-year old adult, in America, making the conscious decision to strap his family pet to the roof of a car for a 12-hour drive, and leaving it up there even after it got sick."

"Why do you think they brought it up, then?" She asked.

"I think they are desperate to divert attention from what Romney did." I answered.

She thanked me and hung up. I could already hear her keyboard clicking. 

As soon as that interview ended, I Googled "Indonesia dog meat" and found a Wikipedia page about it. I found that people do, indeed, consume dog meat there - but not the Muslims.  

I've had more time to think about all this now, fully awake. If President Obama had made the conscious decision to eat dog meat as a 36-year old adult, in America, claimed the dog liked being eaten, and still claimed he didn't think there was anything wrong with it, the Romney campaign would have a point and my pack would be on the president like a pack of wild, well....dogs.

But that isn't what happened. 



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MSNBC: Romney Campaign Not Happy Dog Came up in National Interview

MSNBC's Daily Rundown discussed politics this morning - and how unhappy the Romney campaign is that the Romneys' history of animal cruelty came up in their national interview on ABC last night. Dogs Against Romney pack members flooded Diane Sawyer with questions about Seamus, the Romney's Irish Setter, leading her to question the Romneys about it. Video clip below (note: the dog-on-roof discussion begins about 58 seconds into this clip): 

Mitt Romney's Hopelessly Narcissistic View of Animal Cruelty

The Romneys participated in a nationally televised interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer last night, during which they had the opportunity (thanks to Dogs Against Romney) to answer questions about the famed "dog-on-roof incident" in which the Romney's admit to travelling (at least once, and perhaps frequently) with their family pet strapped to the roof of their station wagon as if he were luggage. 

Mitt Romney, when asked by Sawyer if he would do such a thing again, said "Certainly not...," which would have been a fantastic answer had he not been compelled to add a totally narcissistic qualifier, "...with all the attention its received."

I repeat: "Certainly not with all the attention its received."

In other words, Mr. Romney still sees nothing wrong with what he did (despite the fact that 68% of Americans say it was "inhumane") and the only reason he wouldn't do it again is to avoid personal political backlash.

It is stunning - and disappointing - that the Romneys just don't get it.

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