Friday, May 4, 2012

Dogs Aren't Luggage

Mitt Romney admits to transporting Seamus, his family's Irish Setter, on the roof of his car for very long trips, at Interstate highway speeds (at least once for 12 hours). Romney also admits to leaving Seamus on the roof of the car after the dog became sick, stopping only to hose Seamus down after he soiled himself in his crate atop the car - and then continuing the trip.

Think about it - a loving, loyal member of the Romney family, strapped dangerously atop the car, lonely, wind-whipped, uncomfortable, sick and now wet. We believe this is wrong - and a clear indication that Mitt Romney possesses a degree of detached coldness not easily comprehended by families who love their pets. 

Dogs aren't luggage.

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Colbert on Today Show: Election Comes Down to "Who Has Been Crueler to a Dog"

Steve Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, was on the Today Show this morning. He was asked by host David Gregory to give his opinion about what the presidential race hinges on. Colbert said, "It comes down to who was crueler to a dog."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Strap Students to the Roof

Rusty says, 

"Tell Congress: 'Don't strap students to the roof!'" 

Don't let student loan rates double. Grrr.


Conservative Columnist: Obama "blew the oxygen out of" dog-eating story

Debra J. Saunders, conservative columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, published a column on May 1 in which she analyzes Mitt Romney and the dog-on-roof story. Her conclusion, basically, is that Romney is screwed. 

Ms. Saunders did not use the word "screwed" of course - but here is what she did say:

"Romney has not figured out how to put the 30-year-old story behind him. So critics continue to use the episode as the defining anecdote about the GOP hopeful."

Saunders describes the Romney campaign's attempt to derail the criticism two weeks ago by introducing a passage from President Obama's 2004 book, Dreams From My Father, in which Obama described being introduced to dog meat by his stepfather as a young child in Indonesia. 

"Did Obama go on the defensive? No," Saunders observes. "He took ownership of the tale" by cracking jokes about it last week at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. "By being cool, Obama blew the oxygen out of the story."

In conclusion, Saunders says "there's no point in telling reporters about how crowded the family station wagon was." If he had it do over again, she advises, "Romney should say he would have hired a car and driver for his dog."


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The People Have Questions. Will ABC's Stephanopoulos Help Get Answers?

Today, George Stephanopoulos asked the public to submit questions for his show this Sunday, This Week with George Stephanopoulos. As you can see from the screen captures below, the most prevalent thing people want to know more about is Mitt Romney's dog-on-roof issue.

Specifically, most people are now asking how Seamus, Romney's dog, got home from Canada - if he came back from Canada at all. There are rumors, supported by Romney's former brother-in-law, that Mitt and Ann Romney have not been truthful about Seamus' fate during that trip to Canada.

How a person treats his pet is window into his character. If he lies about the fate of that pet, it is an even bigger window into his character. Will Stephanopoulos, and ABC, help the people get answers to this question? We have a right to know.

Screen captures from:


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pizza-Carrying Romney Heckled: "Don't Just Put 'Em on the Roof of the Car!"

"Don't just put 'em on the roof of the car!"
                   -Unknown heckler
Mitt Romney just can't win. 

Today, on the anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden in a daring mission ordered by President Obama, Romney decided to mark the occasion by joining former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in delivering pizza to a local New York firehouse.

But Romney's planned tribute was spoiled when, as he left Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street, carrying a stack of pizzas, a passing New Yorker yelled: "Don't just put 'em on the roof of the car!"

It made The Atlantic's "Photo of the Day."

You can't outrun pet abuse, Mitt.

Hat tip: The Atlantic
Photo by Rick Gorka/Instagram

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President Obama Upon Learning Seal Team Included a Dog: "I want to meet that dog."

One year ago, President Obama authorized a face-to-face meeting between Osama Bin Laden and members of America's elite SEAL Team 6 commandos. The president could have ordered a simple missile strike on Bin Laden's compound, but then we might never have known for sure we got him. Not only that, but we'd have killed Bin Laden's wives and children as well. Obama bet his entire presidency on doing the right thing.

Mitt Romney, for his part, said he would never have gone after Bin Laden at all. In 2007, at the height of America's effort to bring Bin Laden to justice, Romney said: "it's not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person." Think about that. If Romney had become president in 2008, Bin Laden would have been allowed to go free - and would be plotting his next murderous attack on us as you read this.

About Dogs

Prior to the Bin Laden raid, no one knew Seal Team 6 included a dog, named Cairo, as a member of the team - not even the president. The moment he learned this news, however, the President said: "I want to meet that dog." The President and Cairo met at the SEALS' base in Kentucky 5-days later. The President made sure the dog was included in the SEALS' recognition for valor.

Mitt Romney has never even mentioned Cairo. I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, considering how carelessly and cruelly he treated his own dog.

In summary, President Obama is a man who will make the gutsy choice, do the right thing for America, and make sure everyone - even the dog - is included in the recognition.

Mitt Romney, by his own admission, is a man who will let terrorists have a free pass, do the wrong thing for America, and exclude even his own dog by forcing it to ride strapped to the luggage rack of his car.


Mitt Romney Dog-On-Roof: A Compliation

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Romney Friend and Supporter Ted Nugent Booted From Performing at Army Event Over Threats to the President

Mitt Romney's friend, supporter, and fellow animal abuser, Ted Nugent, has been booted from performing at an Army event because of his recent perceived threats to President Obama. Nugent, who was forced to sit through an interview with the Secret Service after his remarks, and who last week was forced to plead guilty to to his 11th charge for illegal poaching of animals while hunting (including baiting and shooting a baby deer), has endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

While the Army has clearly showed its position on Nugent, Mitt Romney, who wants to be Commander in Chief of the armed forces has not. Perhaps animal abusers stick together.


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"Dog Wars" a Hot Topic at White House Correspondent's Dinner

The "Dog Wars" between supporters of Mitt Romney and President Obama were a hot topic this weekend at the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner. The dinner, which is always hosted by a comedian (Jimmy Kimmel, this year) is always a combination of a satirical spoof of headlines and a roast of the President. President Obama did a fantastic job at the dinner, slamming Romney for his dog-on-car roof incident. The President showed a "new attack ad" he said was created by the Romney campaign. The ad ends by using the inverse of the "I ride inside" slogan we created.