Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nothing is Sacred to Mitt Romney - Not Dogs, Not Big Bird, Not the Truth

The Washington Post writes this morning that "Big Bird Will Haunt Romney." We at Dogs Against Romney know the Post is right - mostly because we plan to help. 

Seamus, the family dog Mitt Romney admits to strapping to the roof of his car while his luggage rode inside, has haunted Romney for years. Dogs hold a sacred place in the hearts of millions of Americans - they are part of the family. Big Bird, too, is sacred to millions. We grew up with Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, the Cookie Monster and The Count. They taught us that the world can be a good and caring place, if only we are good and caring ourselves. For Mitt Romney to cast Big Bird so casually aside shows what kind of person he is - just as strapping Seamus to the roof shows what kind of person he is.

Remember Seamus. Save Big Bird. Stop Romney.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney Strapped Big Bird to the Roof

This was shared by one of our 97,000 Facebook members today. I thought it was hilarious! First, Romney strapped his dog, Seamus, to the car Big Bird?

Update: I'm now told this image came was created by Brett Fabrizio. Thanks, Brett!


Mitt Romney: IncomPETent


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BREAKING: Romney Announces Space Program Minutes Before First Presidential Debate

October 3, 2012
- Denver, CO

Minutes before the first Presidential debate of the 2012 election, Mitt Romney surprised reporters by announcing his ideas for America's space program. "I will bring America's beloved shuttle out of mothballs," Romney said.

As reporters scrambled to press him for further details, Romney would only say, "Once I'm President, I'll tell you." From the back of the room, a reporter shouted, "Is it true you're invested in companies that would get billions of dollars in contracts to make the shuttle ready to fly again?" Visibly angered by the question, Romney snapped, "You people have all you need to know about my finances."

"Why bring the shuttle back, Governor, when NASA says it is no longer an economically viable space vehicle?" asked CNN's Miles O'Brien. "NASA made that decision because the shuttle has a small payload capability," Romney answered. Pointing to a drawing provided by the Romney campaign, he continued, saying, "I have a plan to increase its payload capability, thereby making it able to carry more material into space each time it is launched."

"You're planning to strap a giant dog crate to the shuttle?" O'Brien asked. "Not a dog crate," Romney snapped. "It's a highly advanced, airtight container that has been modified to attach to the shuttle's roof. It has a special windshield," he quickly added.

"How much will this so called 'highly advanced' container cost? And who will build it?" shouted the reporter from the back of the room. "We estimate the container will only cost around $13 Billion," Romney answered. "And who will build it?" the reporter shouted again.

"That's all the questions I have time for today," Romney said. Following up, the reporter shouted, "Is the release of your space plan moments before your first debate an attempt to distract viewers?" "Yes," Romney answered as he was rushed from the room by his handlers.

Moments later, the Romney campaign issued a statement clarifying Romney's remarks: "When Governor Romney answered 'yes' to the question about distracting debate viewers, he meant 'no.'"

Moments later, the Romney campaign issued yet another clarifying statement: "When we said Governor Romney meant 'no' when he answered 'yes' to the question about distracting debate viewers, we meant to say he didn't actually answer 'yes' in the first place. He coughed and it sounded like 'yes,' but he was saying 'no' when he coughed."

Note: This is satire.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romney Campaign's "Explosive" Racist Obama Speech

Last night, the Mitt Romney campaign and it's media mouthpieces FOX NEWS and The Daily Caller released "explosive" video of President Obama "pandering" and "speaking differently to different audiences." I guess Mitt Romney has never done that.


Jim Lehrer: Ask Romney if he "roof-racks" more than just his dog.

We like to have some fun here at Dogs Against Romney, but our message is serious. Mitt Romney strapped his family pet to the roof of his car for a 12-hour drive while his luggage rode inside. Worse, when the dog became sick, Romney just hosed him down and left him up there for hours more. 

Over 96,000 members of our “Super Pack” on Facebook and most of the 1 million+ readers of this blog believe it was animal abuse. It isn't just us who feel this way. A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling showed 68% of Americans think what Romney did is inhumane.

Despite this, Romney continues to defend what he did. He even implied to ABC News' Diane Sawyer the only reason he wouldn't do it again is because of "all the attention it received."

To be clear, I'm not suggesting the dog-on-roof incident rises to the level of a presidential debate question by itself. I'm suggesting the incident might serve as a sort of enacted parable that illustrates a much more disturbing narrative about Romney - that he views people outside the top 1% coldly - unworthy of concern or empathy. 

Does Romney not "roof-rack" the very poor when he says he isn't concerned about them because they have a "safety net?"

Does he not "roof-rack" ordinary workers when he says he "likes to be able to fire people" who provide services to him?

Did he not routinely "roof-rack" companies he purchased as CEO of Bain Capital, loading them with debt, directing them through bankruptcies, causing  closings and layoffs - all while extracting enormous profits for himself?

Does he not "roof-rack" 47% of Americans when he said he believes they "consider themselves victims" who will "never take responsibility for their lives" and, therefore, he believes it is "not his job to worry about those people?"

As a leader in the Mormon church, does Romney not subscribe to a belief system that "roof-racks" women, subjugating them to the authority of men based solely on gender? 

All these are questions that need to be asked of a man who, if elected, will be President for us all - not just for the .5% (men in the top 1%). Are you listening, Jim Lehrer?