Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Mitt Romney Dog on Car Roof Story: An Introduction

Rusty, Founder of Dogs Against Romney
I have had many requests for a catch-all place for newbies to our cause to get caught up on the back-story behind Mitt Romney's cruelty toward the Romney family dog. Anyone who Google's "Mitt Romney dog" will find literally thousands of articles about it, but here I have collected some of what I consider to be the most succinct. Read these stories if you are new to Dogs Against Romney or, if you are a veteran member, share this link with your friends who don't yet know the truly revolting details of Romney's callousness toward poor Seamus, the Irish Setter.

Questions still remain about Seamus' ultimate fate - questions Romney has so far refused to answer.

TIME MAGAZINE: Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation


Fox News' Lanny Davis: Why Romney's Dog on Car Roof Story Makes Him Unfit to be President 

RACHEL MADDOW SHOW (MSNBC): Insensitivity, Gaffes, and Romney's Dog

SUSAN ESTRICH: Romney's Care of Dog May Attest to His Character 

ABC NEWS: Romney Strapped Dog to Roof of Car 

THE GUARDIAN: Animal Cruelty Story Dogs Romney 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Did You Know Mitt Romney is Listed on Two National Animal Cruelty Registries?

Mitt Romney’s admission that he transported his pet strapped on the roof of his station wagon for a 12-hour drive has spawned countless late night jokes. Romney himself tries to laugh it off, but we’ve learned new information that is no laughing matter.

Abusing animals has consequences – consequences not even Mitt Romney can avoid. In the wake of his campaign’s 2007 revelation of the “dog-on-roof story,” Mitt Romney’s name was listed by two national animal cruelty registries used to track animal abuse offenders.

The first,, is based in Southfields, NY and is connected to the national Animal Abuse Registry Database Administration System (AARDAS). According to its website, the registry provides “a database enabling animal adoption agencies to research potential adopters for possible prior abuse history within and across state and national lines."  

Mitt Romney’s listing in the registry is for “neglect/abandonment” and can be found here: 

The second registry listing Romney is , a New Hampshire organization that is part of the New Hampshire Governor's Task Force for the Humane Treatment of Animals. It bills itself as "a resource for any organization that deals with animal adoptions.”

Mitt Romney’s listing in the registry can be found here:

Both registries are maintained so that animal welfare organizations, Humane Law Enforcement officials, animal shelters, rescue operations, and breeders can share information about animal abuse offenders and conduct background checks before allowing people to adopt or purchase a pet.

Dogs Against Romney asks: Should the United States of America have a president who isn’t even qualified to adopt a pet?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hilarious Video: "Mitt Romney Style"

Pay particular attention around 1:50 into the video, where Seamus makes an appearance.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Security Camera Video: Romney Supporter Steals "Dogs Against Romney" Sign

Here is security camera video showing a Romney supporter stealing a "Dogs Against Romney" sign from the garden of one of our members in broad daylight. The incident happened on Wawona Street in the Pine Lake Park district of San Francisco. In the video, what appears to be an older man, wearing a baseball cap and walking a dog that appears to be a Golden Retriever, passes a couple who are walking toward him on the sidewalk. The couple walks past the Dogs Against Romney sign (right side of screen, located in a small garden) without disturbing it. The older man, however, notices the sign and immediately stops. He approaches the sign and pulls it from the ground, stepping into a doorway area to hide his activity. He wads the sign up and walks away with it, pausing to look around to make sure he hadn't been seen. During the vandalism and theft, the man's dog remains frozen, staring at him, perhaps displeased.

This act is not only trespassing, theft and vandalism - but also a violation of our member's constitutional right to free speech - and it is petty - but what else would one expect from a Romney supporter?

Anyone in the Pine Lake Park district who recognizes the person committing this crime, please report it in the comments section of this post, in the comments on the video's You Tube page, or on the Dogs Against Romney Facebook page. If we can positively identify him, we'd like to honor him as our "Romney Supporter of the Week."