Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mitt Romney's Binders Full of Women

Women love dogs. Dogs love women. Mitt Romney doesn't treat either of us very well.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

100,000 Dogs Against Romney

Dogs Against Romney reached 100,000 members on our Facebook page tonight. Woof!


Romney Tax Plan Details

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Looking for details on Romney's tax plan? Look no further!

For Romney tax plan details, go HERE.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Romney's Dog-on-Roof Story as Enacted Parable

We like to have some fun here at Dogs Against Romney, but the truth is our message is serious. Mitt Romney strapped his family pet to the roof of his car for a 12-hour drive. He admits it. He continues to defend it.

Over 95,000 members of our Facebook “Super Pack” - and hundreds of thousands of readers of this blog - believe it was an act of animal abuse. Just a few days ago, a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling showed that the overwhelming majority of Americans (68%) agree.

But to me, this story is about more than just Romney’s inhumane treatment of his family pet. It is also about what this inhumane act says about Romney’s character – and what it might mean for citizens living under a Romney administration.

Yesterday, as I read through my large backlog of articles, I came across a diary on Daily Kos by “Wee Mama." It was written months ago - long before it became known how Romney feels about the 47% of Americans he considers "un-willing to take responsibility for their lives" - and it just ... nails it. 

Wee Mama considers the dog-on-roof incident an “enacted parable,” a story told through actions, rather than words, possibly illustrative of Romney’s view of others (humans and canines alike). She explains it eloquently:
A brief recap of the story brings out how many, many points of contact there are between this short, sad story of Seamus and how Romney has treated thousands of people (and by extension, would treat the American public).
Seamus was one of "the least of these"; he was a family member but one without any power of his own. Romney included him when it was useful and convenient, but had no concern for the experience from Seamus's point of view. The parallel is to the many employees of companies that Romney bought out who were fired. They were useful fodder but disposable at Romney's convenience.The roof top carrier kept Seamus out of the way; Romney didn't need to face or endure what Seamus suffered for those twelve hours. Similarly Romney has never had to experience what the employees in the raided companies endured.Seamus's diarrhea was a wholly natural response to an intolerable situation. Romney did not pay attention to Seamus, though, only to the impact Seamus had on the car. Romney hosed the car and Seamus down, and rolled on down the highway. In the companies that Bain Capital raided, employees suffered the loss of pensions and health care, but that was irrelevant to Romney and the vulture capitalists; they went ahead with their profit taking.The hardest part of this story is that Romney told it as a light hearted family anecdote. He continues to have no shame about it, and to claim that Seamus preferred twelve hours in the slipstream over time inside with the family.If the Seamus story had been a one off mistake, regretted and apologized for, it would have ended. It gains its force from the many parallels to the way that Romney has treated "the least of these" in the companies that Bain Capital has raided. It should legitimately be taken as a warning for how Romney would treat the American people if (God forbid) he were President.
Indeed. Wee Mama "gets it."