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A site devoted to dog lovers and their companions. We are here to help each other taking a better care of our best friend just as they have always tried to take a better care of us.

How did the man’s best friend come to be?

They were once the most ferocious and fearsome predator – a mother Earth’s most outstanding killing machine yet now they are our most trusted companions who always try to sit in our laps they barely fit in while gaze endlessly into our eyes with nothing other than immense love and compassion.
The origins of dogs are rather vague however as an undisputed fact domestic dog is the only animal that was domesticated by humans before the beginning of the agriculture. There are scientific evidences that humans began some kind of relationship with wolves-like creatures about 50,000 years ago and as such, dogs have become not only man’s best friend, but also the oldest.
Our friends have proved themselves to be our most trustworthy guardians and hunters through the course of history yet they still have become more and more essential to our life even though we left wilderness behind us long ago, they evolved with us took roles such as our soldiers, our nurses, our babysitters etc. However, as we left behind the life of a hunter and gatherer and moved toward the Age of Technology, things start to get complicated.
Do we truly know how to take care of our best friends properly as they always do to us? Do you know obesity epidemic is not only happening to us as we brought it to ourselves but also to our pets? Not to mention diabetes, joint and bone-related diseases, heart and lung problems etc.

We should start to ask ourselves

Why did we let our best friend use those products? Are those products reliable? Are those “Wholesome Natural” or “Super Premium” really live up to their words? How to protect our best friend in the matrix of health-conscious products for our pets? In the last decade, dog’s food has doubled in price as well as other dog’s products and accessories but so do the quality? Would The 2007 incidents caused by “Premium” products which killed thousands of dogs happen again?
To protect our dogs, as customers and dog-lovers we should stick together and build up a community for the sake of our best friend. Therefore, I have decided to launch an online platform where I could share my experience and knowledge I have picked up on my journey with me little daughter – a beautiful golden retriever.

About the author

I am Charles – a dog expert with tremendous love for dog. I owned my life to my little Golden Retriever. She has been with me through all the lemon life could throw at me, she comforted me in my most vulnerable moments and picked me up so many times more than I could count. Then I realize that is what dogs out there have always done for us for the last 50.000 years and would do it for 50.000 years more to come so it is time for me to give back some to the most loyal friend a man could ask for.
I got my baby girl as my first dog ever 3 years ago with my ex-girlfriend and as people come and go, she always stays by my side. Considering she is my first dog, I hit a few bumps… actually a lot of bumps on my journey with her and I realize how easy to become a negligent and inconsiderate dog owner in the matrix of “health-conscious” or “Premium” product. We threw more and more money away just to buy the peace of mind or at least I used to just so we can neglect the obligation to understand how our dog’s essential need. But do not worry my friends, in case you want to change you have come to the right place.


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