5 Best Dog Shedding Brush For Short Hair (& Undercoat) 2018

Besides making your dog look his best, regular grooming also maintains his coat healthy. By brushing your dog you remove dirt, debris, mats, and tangles. Furthermore, you distribute natural skin oils through the coat making it shiny, smooth, and healthy.

In order for grooming to become an enjoyable bonding activity for you and your pup, you will need the best dog brush. The type of your pup’s coat will determine what kind of brush will work best for him.

Genetics and breed play a big roll in determining what type of coat your pup have. Still, you should know that even the same breed dogs have slightly different coats.

That means that there is a number of different grooming products available, and things can get confusing really fast. So, consider the coat type of your dog, and ask yourself what are your grooming expectations in order to find the right brush.

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Name Image Best For Type Materials Purpose Price
Kong Zoom Groom KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Toy Short haired dogs, can be used for massage Curry brush Rubber Removes loose hair and dirt, promotes oil production
Oster Large Oster Combo Brush Larger breeds of all coat lengths Bristle brush and wire pin brush Plastic Removes hair, dirt, and dander
Hertzko Self Cleaning Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Curly, double coated, and long-haired dogs Slicker brush Plastic Removes tangles and mats
Pet Grooming Glove Pet Grooming Glove Short coat Glove brush Rubber Removes loose hair, dirt, and dander
SleekEZ Original SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool Medium and large dogs with double and short coat Deshedding brush Wood and carbon steel Removes loose hair, dirt, and dander

How To Find The Best Dog Brush?

In order to find a dog hair brush that will work for your pup, you need to consider the type of his coat. Moreover, ask yourself if you need a brush that removes tangles, loose hair, dirt, or to stop your pup from shedding.

Why Brush Your Dog?

Dog grooming brush is a tool that is necessary to maintain the state of your dog’s coat. You should start brushing your pup from a young age in order to teach him that brushing isn’t a bad thing.

In order to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny, you need to brush him regularly. Some of the benefits of proper coat care include

  • Removal of loose hair
  • Smooth fur
  • Healthy skin
  • Reduced shedding
  • Prevention of tangled and matted hair
  • Less frequent bathing

Double coated breeds should be brushed every day with a dog hair removal brush during the spring and summer. This will help with shedding and will also remove excess fur and keep your pup cooler.

Best Dog Brush In 2018

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Brushes?

Since there are so many different kinds of dog coats, it comes naturally that there is a variety of different dog brushes. Dog grooming tools are made keeping in mind the size of a dog, so you can find small, medium, large and extra large brushes.

Make sure that you pick an appropriate brush for your dog’s coat type in order to make grooming pleasant and stress-free. Continue reading to learn what kinds of brushes are available and the type of coat they are best for.

  • Slicker brush: This kind of brush has fine wire bristles that are placed on a flat or slightly curved base. Slicker dog brush is great at removing tangled and matted hair, furthermore, it removes loose hair and undercoat.

This type of brush is suitable for all dogs, but there are chances that bristles can hurt the skin of short-haired breeds. Thus, we recommend it for medium and long-haired coats and curly fur. It can also be used as a dog shedding brush since it is great at removing loose hair.

  • Undercoat rake: Is a great grooming tool when you need to remove the loose undercoat fast and effective. It is a great choice as dog brush for Husky or Pomeranian that shed in clumps.

This brush has widely spaced teeth that pass through the topcoat of the hair and remove the loose undercoat. Rake is also a great brush if you want to prevent matting in a thick and double coat.

  • Rubber brush: This kind of brush is also known as a rubber curry brush and is a great tool suitable for all coat types. Still, because it contains rubber nubs it is a useful dog brush for short hair shedding since it is great at removing loose hair.

Besides that this brush will massage the skin which stimulates the blood flow and supports natural oils to spread. Furthermore, you can use it while bathing your pup, since the nubs are gentle and great for lathering the shampoo.

  • Double sided brush: This type of brush offers the best of two worlds since it has a pin brush on one side and bristles brush on the other. Because of that, this is a great dog brush for German Shepherd that will remove tangles and make the coat shiny.

A pin brush is great for long-haired dogs and will keep their coat tangle and mat free. On the other hand, bristle brush is great for finishing touches and will smooth and make the coat shiny.

Although this grooming tool is suitable for all dogs, pin brush isn’t very effective on short haired dogs. Hence we recommend a double sided brush for medium and long-haired dogs that can benefit from the double action.

  • Bristle brush: Is great for finishing touches on any type of coat and to spread the oils that will result in a shiny and healthy coat. For effective loose hair and dirt, removal, use this brush for short-haired dog since it works wonders.

The size, spacing, length, and stiffness of the bristles determine for what type of coat this brush is suitable for. Short and densely spaced bristles are good for short haired dogs and longer bristles are good for long coats.

  • Dematting comb: There are several types of dematting combs and all of them are designed to remove matted fur. This grooming tool has sharp blades that cut through hair removing matted areas.

These combs are a better alternative when compare to cutting since they preserve the length of the fur. It is best to use this comb on medium and long-haired dogs since it can damage the skin of smooth coated dogs.

  • Moulting comb: This kind of combs is recognizable because it features two different pin lengths. This makes this comp ideal as dog brush for Golden Retriever when it is shedding season.

Longer pins remove knots from the top layer of the coat, and shorter ones remove moulted fur. Moulting combs can also be used for double and thick dense coated dogs.

  • Deshedding comb: This type of dog grooming tool is great for removing great amounts of fur in one session. This comb works by removing the undercoat before it starts to fall out onto your floors and furniture.

Deshedding comb works best on double coated dogs, thick, heavy coats that are prone to shedding. For now, deshedding combs are the best brush for shedding since they guarantee up to 90% less shedding.

  • Grooming glove: This kind of dog brush can be pulled on a hand like a glove and used for hair and dirt removal from short-haired dogs. Dogs loved being brushed with grooming glove because of the rubbing sensations.

A glove can be an appropriate dog brush for Labs since it works best for short haired dogs. It can remove loose hair, dirt, debris and massage your pup at the same time.

With so many different kinds of dog brushes, there is no wonder owners have trouble finding the right one. To help you narrow down your choice we reviewed 5 great products that will remove loose hair, clean and keep your pup’s coat healthy.

Zoom Groom

  • Brand Name: KONG
  • Best for: Short haired dogs, can be used for massage
  • Type: Curry brush
  • Materials: Rubber
  • Purpose: Removes loose hair and dirt, promotes oil production

Zoom Groom brush is a U.S made rubber grooming tool that is excellent for removing dirt and loose hair. This type of grooming tool is also called curry brush and can be used on all dogs and all coat types.

Still, it is most effective on short and medium long coats and furthermore massages the dog’s skin. That means that Zoom Groom will stimulate capillaries and natural oil production.

Rubber dog brush is of great help while you are bathing your dog since it will leather him and remove dirt and loose hairs. Furthermore, owners of big dogs won’t experience hand pain while leathering a 50 pound hound.

One more great thing about this brush is that it is gentle and can be used on sensitive areas like face, paws, and belly. Because of that and its massaging effects, even the skittish dogs love to be rubbed with this brush.

Although it is advertised as a grooming tool for all coat types we recommend it as the best dog brush for short hair. Loose hair would stick to rubber, which is great in most cases, but when it comes to long hair it can be caught in the bristles and pulled which will cause a lot of pain.

Overall this is a great grooming tool that will remove dirt, debris, loose hair, and make the coat sleek and glowing. The bristles are soft and gentle and won’t injure your dog’s skin while removing all the excess hair and dirt.


  • Removes loose hair
  • Can be used for bathing
  • Best for short coats
  • For a sleek and shiny coat
  • Massages the skin


  • Can create electricity
  • Not for long haired dogs

Large 2 In 1 Brush

  • Brand Name: For Your Dog
  • Best for: Larger breeds of all coat lengths
  • Type: Bristle brush and wire pin brush
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Purpose: Removes hair, dirt, and dander

Oster is a well-known brand in pet grooming industry and their 2 in 1 brush is an essential tool for owners who need versatility. This brush works best for medium and long length coat of large dogs.

One side of the Oster 2 in 1 brush are bristles that remove dirt and dander and stimulate the production of natural oils. This brush works well even for thickest coats and will remove loose undercoat hair, dirt, dander, and leave the coat glossy and clean.

Other side of the brush contains wire pins that work great when you need to comb your pup’s fur. It is a necessary tool for owners of long-haired dogs since it will remove knots and create a smooth look.

Furthermore, wire side will remove any loose hair hence you won’t need to vacuum every day. One more great feature is that the handle is made for comfort and ease of use.

And although this is a large brush it can be used even on small dogs, just be careful when you are grooming sensitive areas. With that being said Oster 2 in 1 brush is a great grooming tool for owners who look for versatility or have more than one dog.


  • 2 in 1 brush
  • Removes loose hair and dirt
  • For smooth coat
  • For all dog sizes
  • Easy to handle


  • Not for thick and curly coats
  • Bristle side can be hard to clean

Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

  • Brand Name: Hertzko
  • Best for: Larger breeds of all coat lengths
  • Type: Bristle brush and wire pin brush
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Purpose: Removes hair, dirt, and dander

If you are looking for a sturdy but versatile grooming tool, look no further since Hertzko Slicker brush got all the features you need. Slicker brushes work for all types of coats and can be used daily for dogs with delicate and fine coats.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush has very fine wires set on a wide rectangular head. One more great feature is that this is a self-cleaning brush and you don’t have to spend hours pulling hairs from it.

This brush gets deep into the thick coats and removes loose undercoat hairs without affecting the top layer. It is also great for removing dirt and debris, leaving the coat clean and shiny.

Because of fine bent wires, this slicker brush is great for curly coats and removal of mats and tangles. It has a wide head, for a maximum coverage and effective grooming.

When using this brush you need to be careful to not apply too much pressure since the bristles can scratch the skin. Moreover, this brush may not be the best solution for very fine and long coats.

With this slicker brush, you get inexpensive multifunction grooming tool that can be used daily and is great for dogs that shed. It will remove loose and dead hair, remove tangled and matted areas and keep your pup’s coat clean.


  • Versatile tool
  • Removes mats and tangles
  • For thick coats
  • Helps with shedding
  • Has a self-cleaning button


  • Not for a single coat
  • Sharp bristles

Perfect for Dogs & Cats with Long & Short Fur

  • Brand Name:DELOMO
  • Best for: Short coat
  • Type: Glove brush
  • Materials: Rubber
  • Purpose: Removes loose hair, dirt, and dander

Dog brush glove is an excellent thing to have if you have a skittish dog that isn’t a fan of grooming. This glove contains gentle rubber bristles that massage the skin and your dog will feel like he is having a petting session.

When purchasing Delomo Pet Grooming Glove you will receive two gloves one for right and one for the left hand. One size fits all since the gloves have an adjustable wrist strap, and the material is pleasant to wear.

This brush is advertised for all coat types and removes loose hair, dirt, dander and supports the production of natural oils. This means that your pet will get a clean and glossy coat without the stress of actual grooming.

You can also use the glove brush while you are bathing your pup for extra dirt removal and pleasant massage feeling. And although it can work for all coat types, it gives best results for short haired dogs that like to roll in the dirt.


  • For dogs that are afraid of brushes
  • Massages the skin
  • Removes dirt, dander and loose hair
  • Best for short coats
  • Can be used during bathing


  • Doesn’t remove shedding fur
  • It is hard to clean

Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

  • Brand Name: SleekEZ
  • Best for: Medium and large dogs with double and short coat
  • Type: Deshedding brush
  • Materials: Wood and carbon steel
  • Purpose: Removes loose hair, dirt, and dander

Sleekez dog brush works for all dogs that shed, from small breeds to large ones this brush removes all the loose hairs. One more great feature is that it can be used to clean furniture, carpets, pet bedding and more.

Best dog brush for undercoat has a wave pattern blade that is made from carbon steel and is able to provide a 95% less shedding after one use. The handle is sturdy and made of wood for a perfect and easy grip.

You can use the SleekEz Deshedding Brush on any type of coat, from short fur, a thick one with undercoat, and curly fur. Just keep in mind that this is a deshedding tool and not a detangler and it’s not appropriate to use on dogs with human-like hair.

It also removes dirt, dander, and keeps your home finally hair free. This grooming tool is ideal to use on medium and large dogs and comes with a lifelong warranty.


  • 95% less shedding after one use
  • Can be used to clean furniture
  • For thick, curly, and double coats
  • Lifelong warranty


  • Not so good for long-haired dogs


Since there are so many different coat types it comes naturally that there is a great number of different dog brushes. In order to find the best dog brush for your dog you need to consider his coat type and what are you expecting to get from a grooming tool.

Regular grooming plays an important part in the overall health and well being of your pup, so don’t let his coat get dull or covered in tangles. Instead, invest in a good brush and enjoy the bonding experience and your pup’s sleek look.

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