Best Dog Food To Prevent Gas 2018 – #5 Options For Gastrointestinal Problems (Gassy Dog)

We know that you love your dog, but the same can’t be said for his repellent winds that can clear the room in an instant. Unfortunately, farting is unavoidable and you can’t stop your pooch’s winds, however, you can minimize them.

The type of food your dog eats can be the reason behind his stinky farts and in this case, the best dog food to prevent gas can help. However, some disease can cause a dog to have stinky winds so you should have your dog examined by a vet.

We will list and review 5 dog foods that will make your pup’s stinky farts the thing of the past.

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Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

Name Best For Main Ingredient Fiber Count Grain Free Price
NUTRO Max Natural Adult Dry Dog Food Dogs with digestive problems Chicken Meal 3.5% Yes
Taste Of The Wild Natural Dry Dog Food Contains prebiotics, easy to digest Salmon 3% Yes
Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Diet Supports better digestion Deboned Turkey 6% Yes
Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Supports healthy digestion, a novel protein Salmon 5% Yes
Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food Contains prebiotics and probiotics Lamb Meal 4.5% No

Best dog food for dogs with gas

  • Brand Name: Nutro
  • Weight: 25lb
  • Calorie content: 307 kcal/cup
  • Grain-free: Yes
  • Main Ingredient: Chicken Meal

This formula doesn’t contain any chicken by-products, preservatives, or additives which makes it a suitable food for gassy dogs. NUTRO MAX is made in the USA with natural and non-GMO ingredients and meets the nutritional needs of adult dogs.

The main ingredient is Chicken meal which is easy to digest and won’t cause flatulence. This dog food for dogs with gas contains 22% crude protein which is the perfect amount for gassy dogs.

Dried Potatoes are easily digestible carbs that stop dog farts. 3.5% crude fiber will not stuff your dog’s stomach and will help him absorb nutrients without creating intestinal gas.

Chicken fat is the main energy source and it at the same time supports healthy skin and coat. This food contains 14% crude fat that will keep your dog energized and active.

Vitamin and minerals are added to this food to make it complete and balanced and suitable for daily feeding. This dog food for gassy dogs contains Dry Beet Pulp to support healthy digestion and normal stools.


  • Right protein count
  • Easy to digest
  • Grain-free
  • Made of natural ingredients


  • Picky eaters don't like this food

Best dog food for gassy dogs

  • Brand Name: Taste Of The Wild
  • Weight: 30lb
  • Calorie Content: 360 kcal/cup
  • Grain-free: Yes
  • Main Ingredient: Salmon

If you often ask yourself why my dog farts, try to find out if he is experiencing any more symptoms of allergies and a sensitive stomach. Taste Of The Wild makes grain-free and novel protein dog foods that are suitable for dogs with gas.

The main ingredient is Salmon which is a novel protein and suitable choice for smelly dog farts. This food contains 25% crude protein, which is the perfect amount for dogs with digestive problems and flatulence.

Sweet potatoes are the main source of easily digestible carbs in this grain-free formula. This dog food to reduce gas contains only 3% crude fiber which improves the stool quality.

Canola oil is the main source of fat and it creates 15% crude fat and at the same time supports healthy skin and coat. Species-specific probiotics are added to this formula and are a key on how to get a dog to stop farting.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are reinforced with supplements which support a strong immune system and overall health. Dried Chicory Root is also added to support healthy digestion and normal bowel movements.


  • Added live cultures for digestion
  • Novel protein
  • For sensitive stomach
  • Doesn't cause flatulence


  • Can cause diarrhea

Best food for dogs with gas

  • Brand Name: Blue Buffalo
  • Weight: 24lb
  • Calorie Content: 323 kcal/cup
  • Grain-free: Yes
  • Main Ingredient: Deboned Turkey

This is a limited ingredient formula made with only one protein source to support healthy digestion. Multiple protein sources are one of the reasons why do dog farts smell so bad, and this food should fix that problem.

Deboned Turkey is the main ingredient and easily digestible lean meat that creates 20% crude proteins. This dog food for gassy dogs will at the same time resolve stinky winds and support muscle and tissue development.

This is a grain-free food that contains Potatoes and Peas that will fill your dog’s belly without causing gases. With 6% crude fiber you will notice an improvement in your dog’s bowel movements and stinky dog farts will stop.

Canola oil is the main source of fat and also supports healthy skin and coat. It creates 12% of crude fat and is the source of omega 6 fatty acids.

This food contains all the necessary vitamins and is made without artificial flavors, preservatives, wheat, corn, or soy. Pumpkin and Chicory Root are added to support better digestion and nutrient absorption.


  • Single protein source
  • Contains pumpkin for better digestion
  • Good for allergies and sensitive stomach
  • Optimal fiber content


  • Some dogs didn't like it

Dog food that doesn't cause gas

  • Brand Name: Wellness
  • Weight: 24lb
  • Calorie Content: 446 kcal/cup
  • Grain-free: Yes
  • Main Ingredient: Salmon

Wellness made this formula simple, but still full of natural and high-quality ingredients for dogs with food sensitivities. A limited number of ingredients in this food can help if your dog farts all the time, and soothe his stomach.

The main ingredient Salmon creates 29% of crude protein and since it is a novel meat it can be an answer on how to stop dog farts. This amount of proteins will support muscle and tissue growth and keep your dog active.

Peas and Potatoes are easily digestible carb sources in this grain-free dog food. Combined they create 5% crude fiber which is a good amount if your dog’s farts smell really bad.

Canola Oil and Ground Flaxseed are sources of energy and fat that support healthy skin and coat. With 14% crude fat your dog will be energized and ready for his daily activities.

Wellness supplemented this food with all necessary vitamins and minerals to make it suitable for daily use. To promote better digestive health, Wellness included Chicory root as a natural probiotic.


  • Good for flatulence and gas
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Zero grains
  • Novel meat protein


  • Can cause vomiting

Anti gas for dogs

  • Brand Name: Holistic Select
  • Weight: 30lb
  • Calorie Content: 454 kcal/cup
  • Grain-free: No
  • Main Ingredient: Lamb Meal

The answer to why my dog’s farts stink so bad is in most cases poor nutrition and lots of table scraps. Holistic Select uses only premium quality ingredients that support digestive health and provide balanced nutrition.

The main ingredient is Lamb Meal which creates 23% crude protein and is at the same time single protein source. Often stinky dog farts occur in dogs that eat various meat sources at the same time, so try switching your dog’s food if this is the case.

Oatmeal, Peas, and Rice are carb sources that create 4.5% crude fiber and are responsible for keeping your dog’s stomach fuller longer. However, if your dog has grain allergies this food won’t be suitable for him.

Chicken fat is the main source, of fat and it supports healthy skin and coat. As the main energy source it creates 15% crude fat which is a good amount for active dogs.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are reinforced with supplements, digestive enzymes, live yogurt cultures, prebiotics, and probiotics.


  • Single protein source
  • Contains digestive enzymes
  • Improves bowel movement
  • Optimal protein count


  • Can have a strong smell

How to find dog food that prevents gas?

All dogs experience gases from time to time, but if you notice a sudden change in the frequency and smell you should make some dietary changes. On the other hand, repellent winds can be a sign of an underlying issue so you should have your dog examined by a vet.

You will never be completely able to stop your dog from farting, it is, after all, a completely normal thing. Owners often ask themselves why is my dog farting so we will list the most common reasons.

– Swallowing air: You may be wondering how swallowing air is related to why my dog fart, but when a dog swallows it, it creates small air-filled pockets. These pockets can be released as burps or farts.

– Diseases: Health conditions like Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, pancreatic disease or tumors can be the reasons why my dog’s farts stink. If your dog has really smelly winds all the time you should take him to a vet.

– Allergies and sensitivities: Some dogs are allergic to common protein sources like chicken or beef or grains. If you ask yourself why does my dog keeps farting, look for other symptoms of allergies and change his food.

– Poor quality food: Low-quality foods are full of additives, preservatives, and low-quality ingredients that are hard to digest. In this case, don’t wonder why does my dog fart a lot, instead change his food for a better quality one.

– Parasites: Intestinal parasites, roundworms, in particular, can cause excessive gas as a symptom. So if you skipped your regular deworming treatment don’t wonder why my dog farts a lot, instead give him the proper treatment.

– Bacterial imbalance: There is no doubt that dogs thrive eating meat, but too much can cause the imbalance in gut bacteria. In this case, supplement your dog’s diet with prebiotics that contains good gut bacteria.

Some foods are harder to digest and they remain longer in the intestines fermenting which ultimately cause a dog to produce toxic fumes.

– Table scraps and human food
– Expired dog food
– Any type of beans
– Milk and dairy
– Carbohydrates
– Broccoli and cauliflower
– Corn and starch
– To many treats
– Fatty food

Luckily, there are foods that don’t cause flatulence and support healthy digestion and bowel movement. If your dog has started producing toxic fumes of late try switching him to a dog food that contains some or all of the following things.

– High-quality protein: Beef and chicken are the most common causes of allergies in dogs, and if your dog is having stinky farts look for different sources of protein. Salmon, duck, and lamb are high-quality choices and look for a protein count around 25% on dry matter basis.

– Low fiber: Foods that have higher fiber count usually contain grains and some carbs that cause flatulence and gases. Look for easily digestible carbs like sweet potatoes and foods that have around 3% fiber count.

– Prebiotics: Many high-quality dog food brands include prebiotics and probiotics in their formulas to support digestive health. Prebiotics will stabilize the gut bacteria and significantly decrease stinky farts.

– Simplicity: Limited ingredients dog foods have fewer highly digestible ingredient that can put your dog’s farting to a minimum. Try to find the food that incorporates some of the things mentioned above and give it a go.


All dogs fart, and there isn’t anything we can do besides accepting it just as one more of those things we need to live with. Still, it is normal for a dog to fart once in a while, but if your pooch drops toxic bombs every single day you need to do something.

In most cases, a switch to the best dog food to prevent gas will do the trick. Look for foods that are easy to digest, have novel protein, low fiber count, added prebiotics and probiotics. If you don’t notice any changes in the frequency of gases in the next 2 weeks, schedule an appointment with your vet and have your dog examined.

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