Best Dog Nail Grinder 2019 – #10 Professional & Quiet Options Review

The fact that dogs need their nails clipped once in every 4 or 6 weeks, can in no time create a big bump in your budget. Still, you can’t opt for not trimming your dog’s nails just to save some money.

Long nails can cause problems with walking, pain, and a huge amount of discomfort. If you considered grooming your dog at home, but are afraid of nail clippers, the grinder might just be the device for you.

On the other hand, the market is full of various grinding tools that promise great results, but is this true in every case? The simple answer is no, even if your friend had a great experience with a particular grinder it might not work for your dog.

In order to find the best nail grinder, you need to consider the type of nails your dog has. Furthermore, some grinding tools can be loud, and no matter how efficient you will do nothing if your dog is scared of its sound.

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Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews: Safe, Easy, & Stress-Free

1. INNOPAW – Dog Nail Grinder

INNOPAW Dog Nail Grinder
  • Brand Name: INNOPAW
  • Best For: Medium and small dogs
  • Number of speeds: One
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: Yes

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Innopaw created an affordable one speed grinder that performs great on small and medium dogs. Additionally, this product can be used on cats, so it is really an economical choice for multi-pet owners.

This product is easy to use and safe since the grinding head is covered with stationary bushing. This gives you extra protection and prevents over trimming the nail, for a stress-free experience.

This grinder contains three ports that are suitable for small, medium, large, and fast wearing nails. That kind of versatility helps you keep your pets claws in pristine condition.

Since it is able to grind the nails of all dogs this is a powerful and well working device. It is also made to fit snuggly into your hand and makes holding it a breeze.

This device is powered by two AA dry batteries that are replaceable and can’t be charged. This is a little bit of a downside for some owners since you never know how long they are going to last.

You should leave your dog’s nail against the wheel for a maximum of 5 seconds each time. Doing so, you will not harm your dog by burning his nail.


  • Great for small and medium dogs
  • Three ports
  • Easy to hold
  • Quiet


  • Scares some dogs
  • Takes a long time to grind

2. AMIR – Pet Nail Grinder

AMIR Pet Nail Grinder
  • Brand Name: AMIR
  • Best For: Dogs of all sizes
  • Number of speeds: One
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: Yes

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This is a budget-friendly grinder that is suitable for small dogs and owners that are new to nail grinding. Since it doesn’t cost much it can be a great tool if you suspect that your pooch would get scared.

With a diamond bit grinder head it is easy and safe to trim the nails of your smaller pet. Although this device has three ports for different nail sizes, it’s simply not strong enough for larger dogs.

The motor is super quiet, which makes this device perfect for skittish dogs that are just introduced with nail grinders. It also has a plastic cover that will prevent the nail dust from flying everywhere.

Make sure that you identify the place of the quick and proceed with painless and stress-free nail grooming. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t leave the nail on the head for too long in order to prevent heating.

This device s powered by two AA batteries, which is the reason why it doesn’t have enough power for large nails. On the plus side, the device is lightweight, easy to hold and with ergonomic handle.


  • Diamond tip
  • For small dogs
  • For skittish dogs
  • Perfect for first time groomers


  • Not strong enough for large dogs
  • Slow working

3. MiPets – Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

miPets Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder
  • Brand Name: miPets
  • Best For: Dogs of all sizes
  • Number of speeds: One
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: Yes

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This is an easy to use and a gentle device that will not cause any claw injuries and is great for beginners. It also comes at an affordable price and can be used on small, medium, and large dogs.

To make your dog feel comfortable MiPets designed a near-silent motor that is perfect for skittish pooches. The motor is also low in vibration, hence this is a perfect grinder for sensitive dogs.

The grinder head is made of diamond and will last for a long time, providing many stress-free nail grindings. The great thing about this type of head is that doesn’t need to be changed like rotary sanding heads.

MiPets is still affordable nail grinder but has stronger power compared to grinders running on batteries. With this product, you will receive a USB charger that can be plugged in anywhere and makes this nail tool operational for 2-3 hours.

A great feature for inexperienced owners is that this grinder has a nail filing guide that acts as a quick safety. Hence you don’t have to worry about trimming into the nerves and nail bleeding.

With four nail grinding ports, which is more compared to other even expensive grinders you can trim any nail. MiPets offers 100% money back guaranty if you aren’t pleased with their product.


  • Diamond head
  • More power
  • Low on sound and vibration
  • Can be used for 2 to 3 hours


  • To slow
  • Some dogs were afraid

4. URPOWER – Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder
  • Brand Name: URPOWER
  • Best For: Small and medium
  • Number of speeds: One
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: Yes

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This is a portable and small device that will fit snuggly into your hand and be easy to grip. It doesn’t have batteries and fully charged can operate in an average for 3 hours.

The grinding head is made of diamond for a long-lasting and easy nail grooming. It also has three grinding ports suitable for small and medium dogs and fast trim.

With different grinding ports, you can use this device for more that one dog, cat or other smaller animal. Just make sure that you are using the port that is appropriate for your pet’s nail size.

Urpower is a quiet and low on vibrations which makes it a nice pick for dog’s who are afraid of nail clipping. It is easy to use, and your dog won’t hear or feel a thing while you groom his nails to the perfection.

This model also features indicator light while it’s charging, the red color is for charging and green for full  batteries that are ready to grind. One more great thing is that this device is easy to clean, so you won’t experience the unpleasant nail smell once you need the grinder again.


  • Can last for 3 hours
  • Diamond head
  • For small and medium-sized dogs
  • Good choice for frightened dogs


  • Not strong enough
  • Can have recharging problems

5. Furminato – Professional Nail Grinder

Furminator Nail Grinder Professional Grooming Tool for Pets
  • Brand Name: Furminator
  • Best For: Dogs of all sizes
  • Number of speeds: Two
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: No

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This is a two speed nail grinder that runs on batteries and is lightweight for a comfortable grip. It is still affordable even though it has two speeds and more grooming power.

It has two replaceable grinding blades that can deal with all types of nails. Still, since they are battery operated, you may need more time to grind thick and very long nails.

The handle of this device is coated with anti-microbial plastic to keep your hands clean and free from all the nasty germs. Since it has two speeds, it is capable of producing more power and trims the nails  much easier.

An extremely useful thing included is a led light that shines on the nail while you are trimming. For many owners, this is a great thing since this makes seeing the quick that much easier.

Since this is a small grinder you may need more time to trim your pooches nails but you will get there. This is a safe and easy to use tool just make sure to use short passes in order to prevent the overheating of the nail.


  • Two grinding blades
  • Has a led light
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • For all dogs


  • Too loud
  • Too scary for some dogs

6. Oster – Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats
  • Brand Name: Oster
  • Best For: Small dogs
  • Number of speeds: Two
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: Yes

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Oster is a well-known brand that makes great and efficient nail grooming tools. Oster Gentle Paws is specially made for smaller dogs and their nails.

This is a professional grade device that has two powers and it runs on batteries. This will give you a wide range of motion, and the motor is still strong enough to trim nails.

With the quiet working motor, this device doesn’t make much noise. That means it is perfect for skittish dogs that are afraid of nail clipping.

The grinding head is made of coarse stone, but you can also use coarse bands. This gives you a variety for tougher nails and smooth trim.

Oster Gentle Paws is equipped with a safety guard, to prevent quick damage. The safety guard will also keep all the nail dirt from flying everywhere.

This device works on four AAA batteries that are sold separately. Still, this is a budget-friendly device if you have a small dog that is afraid of clippers.


  • Safety guard
  • For small dogs
  • A variety of grinding heads
  • Has two speed
  • Silent motor


  • Can be loud
  • Breaks easily

7. FURRY FIDO – Pet Nail Grinder

Pet Nail Grinder File by FurryFido, Gentle
  • Brand Name: FURRY FIDO
  • Best For: Small and medium-sized dogs
  • Number of speeds: Two forward and two reverse speeds
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: Yes

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Furry Fido made their product to look nice and perform great. Since it has a nice casing, this grinder is a win-win, for both you and your pooch. With the grinder, you will get 6 sanding bands, but this brand doesn’t include batteries.

With a two forward and two reverse speeds, this is a powerful device that will make cutting nails at home feel like a breeze. Since it is really easy to use and gentle on your pet, you don’t need another person to hold your dog.

Made to be lightweight and easy to grip it will furthermore make nail grooming easier even if you have a skittish dog. The great thing is that you get 6 more blades that that will make this product last longer.

Furry Fido performs best on small and medium dogs, even though it is advertised as a product for all dog sizes. It still works on larger breeds and thicker nails, you just have to be prepared that it lasts longer.

When it comes to small and medium dogs, Furry Fido will trim the nails quickly and efficiently, leaving your pooch wonder what just happened. This fact makes them ideal for dogs that had bad nail clipping experiences and don’t like their toes touched.


  • Additional 6 sanding blades
  • 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds
  • Easy to use and hold
  • For small and medium-sized dogs


  • Not strong enough for large dogs
  • Can be too loud

8. Hertzko – Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder
  • Brand Name: Hertzko
  • Best For: Dogs of all sizes
  • Number of speeds: One
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: Yes

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Nail Grinder by Hertzko comes in a beautiful purple color, for those of you who want a spark of fun while involved in nail beautifications. It also comes with a USB wire which makes this nail cutter easy to use and charge everywhere.

The grinding blade is made of diamond and it provides a safe and easy trimming with the lower risk of injury. To prevent that completely, prior to nail grinding check where your dog’s quick is and stay clear of it.

Hertzko incorporated three grinding ports, one for small, one for medium dogs, and a cap can be completely removed. This gives you an option for a fast grinding if your dog’s nails are especially out of control this time.

The motor of this device is really quiet and won’t produce any noise that will overwhelm your pooch. This grinder is small and easy to grip which makes it perfect for quick and easy trimming sessions. Furthermore, you can remove the cap and clean the area around the blade, to make this grinder more hygienic for the next use.

Still, since it has only one speed it might not be strong and fast enough to trim to thick large breed nails quickly. Make sure that you use fast motions to prevent heating damages to the nails.


  • Long lasting blade
  • Safe and efficient for smaller dogs
  • Low on noise and vibrations
  • Rechargeable


  • Takes a long time to trim large nails
  • Some dogs were afraid of the noise

9. Conair Pro – Pet Dog Nail Grinder

ConairPRO Dog Professional Nail Grinder
  • Brand Name: Conair
  • Best For: Dogs of all sizes
  • Number of speeds: One
  • Kind: Corded
  • Quiet: Yes

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This is the only corded dog nail grinder on our list, and if you like operating with sturdy devices, this one is for you. The cord is long enough that it will still supply a wide range of motions, and won’t wrap around your dog.

Conair Pro Pet is designed for all dog sizes and has a stone and sander blade attachments for smoothly groomed nails. They are easy to change, and the one you use will depend on the type of nails your dog has.

They are easy to use and low on vibrations, so your pooch won’t be scared when his nails are trimmed. But they can be noise from times to times, and this can be a turn off for some owners and their pets.

Conair has only one speed but it still performs well since it runs on a direct power plug-in. Still, grinding thick or large nails can last longer, which can be less then ideal for some owners.

With a variety of different grinding attachments, you get a range of different trimming tools in one. Your pooch won’t object using any of them since they are gentle but professional and will get the job done.

Conair Pro also has a cap on the sanding blades that will protect you and your pooch, and make nail grinding injury free. Moreover, it will minimize the mess the grinding creates, and if you want to you can remove it.


  • Runs on electricity
  • Stone and sander blade attachments
  • Best for small and medium dogs
  • Low on vibration and not scary


  • Can be noisy some time
  • Not powerful enough for large dogs

10. Dremel – Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool
  • Brand Name: Dremel
  • Best For: Dogs of all sizes
  • Number of speeds: Two
  • Kind: Cordless
  • Quiet: No

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This device cost a little bit more, but if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks you will end up with a high-end nail grooming tool. With 4.8 volts of power, this grinder can be used on all dogs, and will gently but efficiently trim the nails.

Dremel 7300 has a powerful rotary tool that is battery powered, meaning that is portable, easy to handle, and won’t limit your movements. The battery pack is removable and rechargeable and needs three hours to get full once drained.

This device has two speeds, which makes it perfect for homes with more than one dog. You can use a lower setting of 6500rpm for touch ups and small dogs, and 13000 rpm speed for large pups and extensive nail grooming.

The grinding head consists of sanding drums and bands that are gentle but still do their job perfectly. You don’t have to worry about nicking your pets quick since you have an undisturbed view of your dog’s nails at all time.

One more great feature is that this tool is easy to grip and will fit snuggly into your hand for a secure nail clipping. Furthermore, grinding bands are easily replaceable and available in several degrees of coarseness for a smooth and efficient trim.

Unlike other grinding tools that come with short warranties, Dremel 7300 is covered for 2 years in case something is broken or not working properly.


  • Two speeds
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Works on large dogs
  • Grinds thick nails
  • Efficient and safe


  • It’s noisy
  • Batteries don’t last long

How To Find The Best Dog Nail Grinder?

To find the nail grinder that will be easy to handle and efficient, choose a product that is designed for your dog’s size. This type of nail grooming tools are easier to use and pose a smaller risk of injury, thus making them great for beginners. Furthermore, consider the amount of noise and range of movements the nail tool is able to provide.

What Is A Grinder?

Nail grinders are a kind of grooming tools used to trim nails and are advisable for dogs who are afraid of clippers. As the name suggests they don’t cut but grind the nail with a high speed rotating grind that is similar to sandpaper.
There are two different kinds of dog nail grinders:
– Cordless: They are battery operated and rechargeable and give you a wide range of motion. The only downside is that charging batteries is a hustle for some owners.
– Corded: This type is powered by electricity and you need to plug them into a wall socket. On the flip side, the cable can limit the range of motions and tangle around your pooch.

Why Use This Type Of Nail Trimming Tool?

If this is your first time grooming your dog’s nails at home you may struggle to find the right tool. The important thing is that both you and your dog feel comfortable and that the grooming tool is safe and performs well.
To help you make the right decision these are the biggest pros of grinding tools:
– Good for unsteady hands: If you don’t have a strong grip or are just afraid of nail clippers you may find nail grinders easier to use. You will still have to hold them and your dog, but you don’t need to use force as with clippers.
– Skittish dog: Some dogs had bad experiences with nail clippers, and it is natural that they are afraid of getting injured again. On the other hand, with grinders the risk of injuring the quick is significantly lower.
– Cracked and pinched nails: Can be caused by dull nail clipper blades, although this isn’t a common occurrence it is painful for your dog. Since the nail grinder operates in a completely different way this can never happen.
– Ragged edges: Many nail clippers aren’t strong enough to make a clean cut, and leave your pooch with jagged nails. This can be dangerous when your dog is scratching himself and can cause skin damage. If you choose a nail grinder, you can rest assured that your dog’s nails are smooth and not a danger to anyone.

What To Look For In A Nail Grinder?

There is a variety of nail grinding tools available on the market today, still, not all of them perform the same. In order to find the best dog nail grinder for your pet consider these things:
– Your dog’s comfort: An improper use of nail clippers or dull blades can put a pressure on your dog’s nails or cut into the quick. Grinders don’t require that amount of pressure, they are gentler and less scary than clippers.
– Noise level: Although they are less scary than clippers, grinders can produce noise that can be overwhelming to skittish dogs. In order to not scare your pooch, look for grinders that are efficient but quiet working.
– Easy to hold: Look for tools that have an ergonomic handle and anti-slip coating that are great for safe nail trimming. You should stay clear from heavy and bulky devices that are hard to hold.
– Power: The best nail grinder for large dogs should have two speeds and it is powered by strong batteries. Just make sure that you work in short bursts since the friction of grinding stone can burn your dog’s nail.
– Grinding tips: You should know that there are two types of grinding tips. Grinding stones are solid and perform great on thick nails. Grit bands can be coarse and smooth texture, moreover, they aren’t long lasting and need to be changed.

How To Grind Your Dog’s Nails?

Once you found the best dog nail grinders you need to know how to use them properly. Besides learning how to grind the nails, follow these steps to make your pooch feel comfortable and at ease.
– Get your dog accustom to the grinder: This may take several days, but be patient in order to create a pleasant grooming experience. Place a grinder and a treat near the dog’s paws and let him sniff the device.
Next, turn the grinder on for short time and give a reward. When your dog is comfortable turn it on for a longer time and give a reward. Finally, turn the grinder on and touch your dog’s nail for a second and give a reward.
– Keep your dog comfortable: Always make sure that your pooch is in a comfortable position while you are grinding his nails. Hold the paw in the way that allows you to separate the toes and gives you the betters access to the nail.
– Watch out for hot grinders: It is important to remember that grinding tools get hot, and can cause injury. To prevent this from happening, keep the grinder against the nail for only second or two. It may seem that it will take you forever to grind a nail this way, but this isn’t the case.
– Keep hairs away: This is implied only for the long-haired breeds since their coat can get caught in the grinder.
Now that you know a little bit more about this type of nail grooming tools we will review 10 easy to use grinders. All of them are great at keeping the nails at safe length but still consider your’s and your dog’s needs for a perfect fit.


Unkempt nails can cause problems with walking and cause pain to your pooch, and although this isn’t the favorite activity of dog owners it needs to be done. Taking your dog to a professional groomer can soon become expensive and time-consuming.

Many owners clip their dog’s nails at home, but if you are anxious around nail clippers a grinding tool is a thing for you. The best dog nail grinder is safe, efficient, and won’t frighten your pooch. Furthermore, they are easier to use than nail clippers and less likely to injure the quick.

It is time to stop spending money on professionals since you can be just as effective at home. And more importantly nail grinding experience will help you bond with your dog even more.

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